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5 Homemade Baby Food Recipes (A Guide For Nigerian Mothers)

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Is your baby ready for solid? Below are homemade super healthy baby food for Nigerian babies and toddlers. These Homemade Baby Foods are nutritious, healthy, affordable and easy to prepare – Pap is a nutritious homemade baby food in Nigeria is referred to as akamu, ogi or pap, it is prepared with groundnut and soya beans milk. This healthy baby food is a brilliant way to giving your baby nutritious diet.
In the preparation of this food, it may interest you to know that you can use millet, guinea corn, sorghum (gero), corn or either of any of the two mixed with groundnut and soya beans to make your baby’s pap. 

Groundnut, Soya Beans, Millet and CrayfishStep 1 Groundnut: Slightly fry the groundnut until it becomes easy to peel Step 2 Soya Beans: Pick out the stone wash and dry the soya beans before frying- After frying take the soya beans to the mill, ensure they remove the chaff. After removing the chaff you can now grind (you may wish to grind both the soya beans…

Pleated Gele: How to Tie Infinity Pleats Gele Style (Video Tutorial)

Infinite Pleated Gele is the latest way to tie gele  with layers in front, here to make a fashion statement in Nigeria, this trending head tie is beautiful but the round multi pleats makes it look complicated and almost impossible, looks  like tying it will take eternity to complete – probably that is why it is called infinity pleats. Fashion trends evolve, at this moment this pleated gele has become bridal gele style for our Nigerian brides and guests at traditional marriage ceremonies and weddings. Read on

Video #1:How to Tie Pleated Gele

Video #2: How To Tie Gele With Layers

The infinite pleat looks very lovely on Ankara fabrics, which was actually where it started from. Nigerians are creative when it comes to fashion styles, they are amazing. The tutorial by Christiana’s Closet gives a clearer picture with easy steps to learning how to tie the infinity pleats geleand getting the pleats done perfectly.  Carefully follow the steps in the above video tutorial.

This pleated gele style in …

How To Cook Coconut Rice Recipe (Video)

Coconut rice is a special kind of recipe prepared with fresh coconut milk extracted from the coconut; this gives it a unique and natural coconut flavour. Coconut rice is one Nigerian recipe that is irresistible  but it stressful because it requires time to be able to extract coconut milk to give the recipe that exciting taste. In this article we will learn how to cook plain coconut rice garnished with vegetables to make it look irresistibly tantalizing, below you will find steps to cook coconut rice and all the ingredients required.  Let get started
Video: How To Cook Coconut Rice

Ingredients and Steps to Prepare Coconut Rice 4 Cups of rice 2 whole coconuts A ball of nutmeg Maggi chicken stock cubes 2 tablespoon full Vegetable oil Green Beans Green pepper Onion Fresh Pepper Salt to taste and Water
How to How to Cook Rice with Coconut Milk Per boil the riceWash and slice onion, green beans and pepperBreak the coconuts remove the shell wash and shred it with a graterAfter grating pour some water in…

How To Cook Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe (Video Turorial)

Ingredients Needed for Shrimp and Rice Recipe
3 cups of rice300g of Fresh ShrimpsVegetable oil (groundnut oil)5 Fresh Peppers1 large ball of onion1 egg1 Teaspoon full of curry1 teaspoon full of ThymeGarlicCarrotGreen beans or peasKnorr cubesSalt to tasteWater Video:  Prepare the Ingredients For Garlic Shrimp Rice
Wash and per boil the riceWash the shrimpsWash and slice the tomatoesWash and chop the onion and pepperWash and cut the carrot, garlic and green beans into bitsBreak and toss the egg in to a plate

Direction on How to Make Shrimp and Rice 
When you are done with parboiling the ricePour the rice into a sieve and drain the waterPut your vegetable oil in a pot and put it on fire to heatPour some of the chopped onion and garlic and fry for a minuteAdd the shrimp and fry till it turns pink,Remove the shrimp from the pan and set it asideAdd a little oil in the pan, beat the egg a bit and pour it into the pan to make a little scrambled eggWhen you are done, remove the egg and set it asideP…

How to Prepare Garden Egg Stew (Sauce) Recipe - Video Tutorial

Garden egg is a fruit classified under vegetables, Garden egg  is called “Igba” in Yorubas and “anyara” in Ibo is  a symbol of fertility and blessing at marriage ceremonies.  Garden egg is used to prepare garden soup - a Nigerian vegetable recipe for all, this nutritious garden egg soup is very easy to prepare. Garden egg is a vegetable with many health benefits, in pregnant women garden egg helps regulate blood pressure and it also serves as a dietary fiber to ease constipation during pregnancy. In this article you will learn garden egg sauce recipe
Garden egg and pregnancy - It is also rich in folic acid, vitamin B,C, magnesium, potassium can be eaten raw, used in preparing salad, garden egg soup, stew or sauce. Recent investigations have shown that eating lots of garden egg helps lower eye pressure in persons with glaucoma and for the treatment of stomach ulcer, while the  leaves protects the body from cancer formation and controls the level of blood sugar in the system

Ingredients f…