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Which Type of Baby Carrier is Right for Your Baby? Here's How to Know

For a new mother, times would come when you have to take your baby out - to the hospital, to shop for groceries etc. And, at such times, you want a way to carry your baby around with ease, in a way that would leave you hands-free. Traditionally, Nigerian mothers and caregivers carry babies on the back, using a wrapper and the traditional wrap cloth (called 'Oja' in some Nigerian languages). Besides that, there are other different ways and gadgets to carry a baby around -such as in a car seat, in a stroller, or you can carry your little one in a baby carrier, either the modern or old fashion method. Read on. The Types of Baby CarriersThere are three types of baby carriers in the market - in Nigeria and everywhere in the World:
#1. Baby Wrap: Wrap-style baby carriers are wide piece of fabric usually worn around your body and over both shoulders. They are versatile and most can be worn in many different ways, and they are somewhat compact.
#2. Baby Slings: A sling is a wide swath of…