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Baby Walker: Why do you need a Modern Baby Walkers in Nigeria?

Modern baby walkers have several different mechanisms and advantages, which the reason why baby walkers cannot easily be faced out rather they are gaining popularity to new parents.  When it comes to picking a valuable gift for a baby like a toy for entertainment, the first thing that crosses the mind of a parent is a baby walker. Read on
Of course the number one benefit for buying a baby walker is to entertain your baby by keeping him or her busy and happy with the modern facility installed on the walker.

Secondly, most parents put their baby in walker to allow them do all their house chores without stress. With a modern walker, your baby's safety is assured to an extent. Recommendations and Advantages of Mordern Baby Walkers
A good baby walker must comply with the standard BSEN 1273:2005 and it should also come with clear safety guidelines and installation manual. There are many advantages of using baby walker but before you get one, make sure you do a thorough research on the produ…

Review of Baby Walker Brands in Nigeria

Baby Walkers are  Pre-walking Tools helps a child learns to stand and hold themselves firm and upright, a walker aids babies maintain balance. The introduction of electronic walkers and their features which is centred on helping babies intellectually, the moment they discover this features, they tend to learn, understand how to play with. 
Baby walkers are usually designed in two different styles - The Push Along and the Sit-in Walkers. This article will give you a clear insight on the different types of baby walker to choose from when buying a walker for your baby. Read on

The Push Along baby walkers is a good model for children above nine months and children at this age  become very aggressive, your child has already gained confidence and ready to stand upright position and ready to walk.  Types of Baby Walkers  Infant Walkers Infant walkers are deliberately built in circular in shape and designed in such a way that the baby is safely enclosed. Some walkers are more traditional in their…

Types of Best Baby Walker in Nigerian Market

Are you considering buying a baby walker for your infant? Most parents constantly demand for baby walkers in the market even though it is considered a risky device.It is advised that you  do thorough research before selecting the best walker for baby. Infant walkers come in different colours and lovely designs, with some with dangling toys and cartoon pictures. 
Most baby walkers in the market are portable and can be easily assembled – in case you want to go with it. They can easily be folded and carried over to any desired place. However, the primary concern of every parent is the safety of their infant and this has to be put in consideration before making your desired choice.

The Ugly Truth About Baby Walkers (Disadvantages) Dangers attached to the use of baby walkers are babies might: •Trap a finger •Trip and fall over •Roll down stairs •Be burned, poisoned or otherwise hurt after reaching for a dangerous object Research also suggests that use of baby walkers can actually delay when a baby…

Do Baby Walkers Really Work? See Video Plus Research Findings

If you've been asking yourself this question: 'will a baby walker really make my child walk faster?'. You're not alone. So, your little one has started taking his first steps, occasionally standing him/ herself up against things, and quickly falling down. And, you are wondering whether buying a baby walker will really help her walk faster on her own, without you being afraid that s/he will fall face down when you're not looking? Read on to find out how the baby walker works. This post will provide you with helpful information that will enable you decide whether or not to buy a baby walker. Read on, but first see the demo video below of a child playing and learning to walk in a baby walker.

>>Click to play the above video, and see how your child would engage with a new baby walker.

But, What is a Baby Walker Really? According to the trusty Wikipedia, "a baby walker is a device that can be used by infants who cannot walk on their own to move from one place…

Finding the Right Baby Walker

Lots of parents are confident that baby walker helps their infants walk faster. However; Safety experts and health professionals like the American Academy of Paediatrics strongly discourage the use of baby walkers, because of the number of accidents and injuries they cause. On April 7, 2004, the sale of Baby Walkers was declared prohibited In Canada. 
This ban also extends to modified and fairly used or second hand baby walkers, including those sold at a yard sales or second hand market.  Consumers Product Safety Improvement (CPSIA) Act of 2008 changed the items that were allowed to be sold at such sales as owners of baby walkers may be fined thousands of dollars or sentenced to up to six months in jail.
Baby Walkers were usually produced with wood, and designed with three wooden wheels which gives the baby easy access when little pressure is applied it tends to move forward  faster with extra speed especially on a smooth surface (tiles or a cemented floor) and that feeling amazes th…