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Baby Sitters: What to Consider When Looking For a House Help

Every woman wants to hire a responsible and sound minded person as a domestic staff. It is worrisome and quite exhausting to source for a good house help who is  proactive, who can work with little or no instruction and in some cases use her initiative; especially in some urgent situations to ensure everything is in order. But in most cases what parents (mothers) often consider first is the age especially when the maid is coming to live with them in the house.
But there are still other important aspects to look into when hiring a total stranger into your house as a maid or nanny. Read on. 14 Things to Consider When Choosing a House Help or Baby Sitter Do a background checks, the question here is “WHY”? Because it is very necessary for security reasons, for your safety and that of your family.Arrange for an interview with your intending domestic staff, and enquire if she has experience of what this work entails and this will help you decide if she can do the job. If she claim to have work…

Daycare: What Would You Do If Your 3 Years Old Kid is Mistreated?

A lot of mothers get very upset to realize their kids are not taken good care of as expected at the crèche or daycare, where they you know that the services includes changing times and you suddenly  observe that your 3years old baby comes home each day with poo, swollen face. Moms in the house, below is true a story from a parent. She wrote on one of our group and she needs your advice. Read on What would you do If you are faced with a situation such as this?
Gud morning momas in d house....Pls i have a small issue and i would want u all to advice me on how to go about it. I went to school to pick my two daughters from school and i met d smaller one (3yrs old)with a big bump on her head.. At 1st i panicked...den i said in my mind... They are kids...anything can happen. The class aunty approached me and apologised that it was an accident... Even though the kid told me it was her aunty that beat her. The following day d same girl came back with a strong poop plastered all over her butt. w…

Brazilian Human Hair: Advantages of Buying Good Quality Human Hair Extension

Presently, Human Hair Extensions is what every woman wants and Brazilian hair texture is most popular and more sought after because of its quality (healthy cuticles) - thick stands, strong strands, natural gloss and far easier to style. Brazilian Virgin Hair has become more expensive in the beauty market because of its demand around the world mostly by black women who seek to get with thick strong strands like the African hair and the benefits are enormous. Here in Nigeria, buying a good quality Brazilian virgin hair extension is not so easy we think. Read on WHO CAN WEAR HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS? Anybody can wear human hair extension, as long as you feel there is a need for you to wear it.Most people with alopecia wear it in form of a wig.Ladies who had their hair all shavedLadies whose hair was badly cut.Those who are losing hair dues to age or cancer, in this case some of them wear hair extension in the form of hair transplant.WHY DO WE NEED HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS?We wear Human hair exten…