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Baby Care Tips: How to Wash and Sterilize Baby Bottles

Babies are vulnerable likewise is their immune system, proper cleaning of all baby feeding essentials used is extremely important and must be free from any form of bacterial contamination that might cause them harm. It is obvious that the common cause of infection in babies has to do with food poisoning, so you see why it is very important that you properly sterilize everything used to feed your baby.
After feeding an infant you must rinse and wash off the bottle of any milk residue to avoid microorganisms breeding in the bottles, cups, plates and spoon; this means the your baby feeding essential has to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before it can be used again
HOW TO WASH AND STERILIZE BABY BOTTLESSTEP 1 Wash your hands with soap and clean warm water before handling the baby bottles.
STEP 2 Be sure to have the following cleaning tools set aside “specifically” for washing your baby bottles etc.
 Safe, clean, drinkable waterTwo clean bowls with lid for washingDish washing liquid desi…

Types of Baby Crib

When it comes to baby cribs, there are a lot of varieties of baby cribs available in the market from the traditional mini furniture to a full size convertible crib. Below are some of the most popular designs. Portable baby crib Portable crib is foldable and smaller but similar to a regular crib; this type of crib is a good option for parents with smaller apartments. The wheels makes it a lot easier to move the crib from one point to another as long as it will fit through the door way, thereby helping the mom keep an eye on her little one when trying to finish up with her household chore. Safety Note: Ensure you use the locks on each wheel to lock it into place that way your baby crib will be steady and unable to roll away. Get one that is JPMA certified

Standard baby cribs: Standard cribs are built with four sides with slats but most baby nurseries come in different styles and sizes.
Convertible baby crib: This convertible cribs are Cost effective in that they are designed to be converted …

Online Shops: Online Stores to Shop for Quality Baby Products

Are you pregnant or already a mom looking for a baby shop online to buy your baby items? You need not to worry, there are lots of baby stores online where you can buy your baby clothes, accessories and toys. You will find this article interestingly useful if you are looking to shop your baby clothes and other other baby supplies here in Nigeria or abroad.
Are you in Africa, Nigeria to be precise? If you are expecting a newborn baby and would love to buy some quality cheap baby stuff from online baby stores in the US, UK, Canada etc. Relax, there are a lot of online baby shop; below are a few places where you can get baby things like baby gear, toys and clothes online.
Places Abroad To Shop For Toddlers and Baby Stuff OnlineBaby item sites now make it a lot easier and time saving to do all your baby shopping online with a click without moving an inch – now is the time to start shopping for your baby essentials.
Carters  - Here at carters you can get all types of children clothes for boys…

What to Look out For When Buying a Baby Crib

Are you an expectant parent planning to buy a baby nursery or bed for your unborn child but caught in between many options? Baby crib is for every-night use and one of the most expensive baby essentials in the market and they come different brands, designs, shapes and sizes. In this article we will guide you through on how to shop for an ideal crib your baby.
Baby cribs or cots are not the same as a play yard. Play yards are specifically meant for naps during the day or to engage a baby in the living room or by the kitchen entrance when you are busy but cribs serves as your baby bed.Reliable brands of crib are made from eco friendly materials and durable than the local all-purpose prototypes.  Moreso; It is best to do a physical inspection of the crib you are buying to be sure it meets your standard. Things to Consider When Shopping For a CribSafety FirstSome cribs are not safe for your baby ensure you check if there are some loose nuts and screws, also look out for the following when …

Homemade Baby Food: Advantages of Mixed Homemade Cereals

#504062155 / Are you thinking homemade? Preparing homemade baby food is easier than you envisaged. Most parents go for homemade baby food when their baby starts craving for more food – as you know necessity is the mother of invention. In recent time, a lot of parents want to know what goes into their baby’s mouth and prefers preparing natural homemade cereal over ready-made jarred food because they are more nutritious and economical.
Benefits of Homemade Baby Food Made By YourselfThey know exactly what they’re feeding their baby: You feed your baby’s with fresh natural foods. Varieties: Homemade baby food is an ideal step to getting your baby prepared and accustomed with eating the type of foods that you and your family eat by starting your baby with homemade cereal. And as time goes on, you can start introducing your baby to more options, like different types of fruits, vegetables, and other pureed foods. This way you do not have to depend on the manufacturers for flavou…