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How to Tie Avant-Garde Gele Styles (Video Tutorial)

Avant-Garde Gele head wraps is taking Nigerian women attire to a whole new level in the world of fashion.  This iconic gele style invented by a Nigerian by the name Funmilola Olurinola ofAbeke Makeovers is breaking bound as it is trending fashionistas like Toke Makinwa and celebrities  like Rita Dominic, Monalisa Chinda, Toju Foyeh,  Deola Sagoe and other women of class like are rocked it beautifully. Read on for avant garde gelevideo tutorial Abeke’s gele brings out the beauty and class in every woman, it can be worn over any outfit (Traditional or English) –  Avant Garde Gele is all about style, elegance and glamour, use it to complement your aso-ebi styles. Give it a try, Learn How To Tie Avant Garde Gele; This modern ascot gele like some people call it, can be worn to any event of choice. In the below video, you will learn how to tie rosegele.

#1. Video on How to Tie Avant Garde Gele
2. Video How to Tie Ascort Gele/Rose Gele

#3.Pictures of Different Styles of Iconic Avant Garde Gele S…

How To Tie Ankara Turban Gele Head Scarf (Video Tutorial)

The turban head wrap or badu head wrap like most ladies will call it is one piece of fashion that has found its way into fashion, this kind of head tie has become a fashion statement that has come to stay as every woman is enthused to wear and learn how to tie Ankara headscarf. This beautiful Ankara head scarf is inspired by our African print and the beauty of it is that it is used to create a fascinating look on any woman. 
This fashion turban head wrap is in vogue and learning how to tie a turban step by step is easy. Turban is a customary headwear worn around Asia, Middle East and some part of Africa by men and women for decency regardless of religious background. Hear in Nigeria most women wear it as part of our fashion style but often times, it is used to as a head wrap to protect the hair from dust


Below is a video on how to tie ankara turban step by step

Nigerian women are stylish, using Ankara and the usu…

Waist Trainer Size: How to Know The Right Size To Buy

Are you considering wearing a corset or waist trainer popularly known as girdle by most women, but you want to know what corset style and size will work best on your body? You can only be convinced when you try them on but if you are planning on buying one online, this article will give serve as a guideline to picking a perfect match for your body type. Read on
Are you looking to create a more curvaceous appearance? Then you can purchase enhancers for your hips and fanny. Between the overbust and underbust corset accentuating the bust and the hip/bum, you'll be able to create a more dramatic hourglass figure. Do you have a full bust, small bust, long torso, short torso, wide hips, or no hips? The good news is there is a style out there to suit your figure type.
Things to Consider When shopping for a Corset/Waist Trainer Knowing the right size of corset for you: Some waist trainers are designed to reduce your waist by 4–5 inches (10.2–12.7 cm), while some are designed to reduce it fur…

Nigerian Stew: How To Prepare Nigerian Stew With Chicken

Nigerian stew is one type of sauce or soup that is irresistibly tasty and the Yoruba’s call it ‘’obe ata’’. Nigerian stew can be cooked with palm oil or even vegetable, beef, goat meat or fish but in this article you will learn simple steps on how to prepare stew chicken. Chicken stew can be cooked with either soft or hard chicken, the choice is yours. But I must tell you the truth, some people do not know that chicken stew is best cooked with hard chicken – here I will be using hard layers, it tastes very much like the native chicken we know
Ingredients Needed For Nigerian Stew Recipe
ChickenTomatoesPaprika (tatashe)Fresh Pepper/Chilli2 medium sized OnionVegetable Oil/groundnut oilCurry and ThymeGinger, Garlic & nutmeg (optional)Water and Salt to tasteSeasoning cubesOptional: Chicken stockStep 1
Cut the chicken into the preferred size, wash and put it in a pot  Chop one ball of onions and add it to the ChickenQuash the garlic and add it to the chickenAdd some thyme and curry Add a w…

Naming Ceremony Pictures: How To Dress For Your Baby’s Naming

Naming ceremony is a tradition in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. It is a special occasion in Nigeria that symbolizes your culture and brings extended families together and families of different ethnic groups together, the extended families are given opportunities to name the baby. For Yoruba’s and the Ibo’s  a child’s name is often initiated from by circumstances surrounding the of birth of the child. Below are naming ceremony pictures, dressing, food and more to spice up your baby’s naming. Read On

#2 Video: Lace Styles (Iro Buba Styles for Occasions)

If you wish to wear a gown for your baby's naming or thanks giving services, below are a few to indulge in. #2. Beautiful  Lace Gown Styles For Occasions

There is no right or wrong way to dress during your baby’s or a friend baby naming ceremony. It is not mandatory but usually the parents wear the same outfit, dress according to what you can reach – or what you already have in your closet. In most cases Iro and Buba Lace, lovely b…

IVF Clinics: Best IVF Fertility Clinics in Abuja Nigeria

Are you looking for the best Fertility hospitals in Abuja, Nigeria? Below are the best IVF clinics in Abuja, Nigeria to provide you with quality fertility treatment, these clinics will give you personalised and comprehensive service. With the below IVF centers in Abuja, you will get the best result. Read on
St. Jude Women’s Clinic St. Jude women Clinic is a state of the art fertility center structured to bring quality fertility health service to couples who require IVF treatment in Abuja, Nigeria. St. Jude women Clinic is one of the best in the UK and most affordable/cheap ivf fertility treatment option here in Nigeria. St. Jude Women Clinic is a fertility clinic in London with two hospitals, Gynecology unit, Obstetric Unit and Infant/child welfare (antenatal care and delivery) – bringing UK standard to Nigeria.

Medical Director: Dr.  Jude Adeghe (MBBS; PHD; MRCOG; FRCOG)
Address: Head office in Wolverhampton, London 26 First Avenue Gwarimpa, Abuja Contact: 08101153302, 09080119446, 09-2…

Jumpsuit Designs: Ankara Jumpsuits Styles

Jumpsuit is a one-piece outfit, a combination a shirt and long pants now in vogue and trending in Nigerian fashion world. Jumpsuits are perfect party wear that looks fabulous on ladies and can be worn to any occasion. Ankara jumpsuit designs definitely adds some style and attitude to your wardrobe, with the latest all-in-one Ankara jumpsuit styles you are good to go. Below are a few photos of Ankara jumpsuit and Ankara off shoulder jumpsuits to arouse you

Most of these Ankara jumpsuits can be sewn mixed with other materials like lace or even styled as Ankara jumpsuit with lace. Discover new stunning looks of jumpsuits made with Ankara, you have got what it takes to bring out that famine and sexy appeal. Step out in style and flaunt that figure hugging wrap with your trendy Ankara jumpsuit this season.  Ankara fabrics can actually be used to create beautiful Ankara jumpsuits, check them out.

Video: Beautiful Ankara Jumpsuit Designs
This ankara jumpsuit defines very well how well shaped th…

Off shoulder Styles: 5 Ways to Rock Your Off Shoulders By Toke

Off shoulder is back and trending amongst Nigerian celebrities who now rock their glitzy off shoulder styles to red carpets without feeling too exposed. This off shoulder comes in different trendy styles like the off shoulder tops, off shoulder gowns, off shoulder dress and the off shoulder crop tops, off shoulder rompers and jumpsuits some even come in our Nigerian off shoulder Ankara styles. This off shoulder is no longer a western design but also African Nigerian to be specific.
Toke Makinwa is the typical stylish Nigerian Icon, I personally see her as a high profile fashionista that can’t be left out when talking about fashion and styles. Off shoulder ankara styles like the off the shoulder African top is trending like wild fire and the thing about it is that it represents who we really are as Africans. Some of these tops are perfect ankara maternity tops to help you conceal your baby bumps, check out this video.

Baby Essentials: What to Pack When Travelling With a Baby by Air

Travelling with an infant or toddler for the first time? You don’t have to worry losing your luggage; start with a Travel Essential checklist. Babies’ loves toys to keep them happy, having toys handy make the trip a much easier. In this article you will find tips for everything you need to make your trip stress free. Packs changing clothes, diapers, lots of bibs to avoid spilling baby food, plastic bags for your baby’ soiled clothes and diapers.

Worry no more worries on You do not have to bother yourself on what to pack for an infant or toddler for travel. Ensure you check with your airline ahead and don’t forget to go with first aid, your baby’s vitamin and medication and of course bug repellant – you never can tell.
#1. Video: Everything You Need When Travelling With A Baby By Flight

List of Travelling Essentials for Baby First-aid kit: For taking care of minor injuriesDisinfectant: To disinfect your hand after cleaning your baby and before feeding the babyBlankets: To shield your baby …