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Cornrows Hairstyle For Celebrities

Cornrow natural hairstyle is back and trending. Weekend is approaching and bold cornrow or weaving and Didi as referred to in Nigeria is the best hairstyle to rock any outfit you choose to. This stylish bold braid is currently trending among celebrities like Toke Makinwa, Marvin Ladies (Tiwa Savage and Dija) including the Kardashians and a host of others. This hair style is fashionable and can also be worn to the office. 
Cornrows have been around for ages but this year 2016 is exceptional as cornrow braids are undeniably beautiful. This bold natural braid was mostly worn by black women will transform your appearance making you look elegant. These bold weaving hairstyles are taking hairstyles to a whole new level. 

Check out these bold and beautiful Epic Cornrows and these braided looks will make you want to rock cornrows 

Dija here is looking dashy with her natural braided in cornrows; you too can wear this braiding style for everyday and special event. How about this simple French bra…

Pregnancy and The Risks of Home Birth

If you are pregnant and planning on home delivery, the first question you need to ask yourself is it safe? Most women plan having their babies at home without putting into consideration the risks involved, thereby putting their lives and that of their babies in the hands of a midwife. Some of these midwives are not well trained while some were never trained. Here in Nigeria there is high maternal mortality rate during child bearing.  

Some pregnancies are high risk (ectopic) pregnancies and need the urgent attention of a gynecologist to avoid any uncertainty. Most maternal deaths are due to unsafe abortion, hemorrhage, infection, eclampsia (very high blood pressure  and other health complications that get worse in pregnancy. Most of these deaths occur as a result of poor health facilities, some happen as a result of ignorance. For no reason the woman skip birthing classes and  still plan on home birth, while some take to home birth because they are illiterates and do not have an idea w…

Natural Braid Hair Styles For Busy Ladies and Moms | Cornrow Hairstyles

Are you pregnant or a busy mom looking for braid hairstyles to choose from? Here are a few to inspire you. Hair braiding is an African culture for centuries and is still in vogue.  These unique hair styles usually help identify a person is from a particular tribe, marital and social status. In these modern times, hair styles are not as serious as it was back in the days because it can easily be achieved with the help of hair extensions. Read on
African Hair Styles come and go but braids have never gone out fashion. Hair braiding and styling is an art but only a creative mind can make an outstanding hair style. These hair styles changes a woman’s appearance making her look naturally beautiful and younger. Below are lovely weaving hair braid style pictures to choose from.
Simple Weaving (cornrow) Braiding Styles for Busy Mums
Beautifully braided hair like you have seen in the above image hurts. Hair braiding can be time consuming though, depending on the size you choose to wear.

Classy Ghan…