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How To Tie Nigerian Gele (Video Tutorial)

Gele is as we all call it is a yoruba word for female head wrap but we the Ibo's call it Ichafu isi. In those days, gele head tie was used as a show off of wealth and social status; it is also a way to indicate a woman's marital status and must have for women of class.  Gele Head Wrap is a fashion style that has been our culture for years.These head tie comes in different colours, designs and fabrics like the Aso-oke, Damask , Jubilee and brocade, It  looks firm, though flexible but learning how to tie gele was a tough job. 

In recent times it has become an important fashion accessory for many Nigerian women but the problem still remains many ladies find it very difficult to tie gele perfectly by themselves. This Video tutorial will teach you how to tie a Gele to complement your beautiful dress making look elegant at any occasions such as Traditional marriages, wedding, Naming Ceremonies or parties. Below is a gele tying video tutorial.

Ankara Maternity Styles for Pregnant Nigerian Moms

Are you pregnant a fashionista and a lover of Ankara fabric? Then this piece of article is for you, so you see being pregnant doesn't mean you have lost your sense of style, with trendy pregnancy Ankara style you can still hold onto your personal style. There are so many Ankara maternity options to help you style up your beautiful baby bump – however big your pregnancy may look. Discover the latest maternity and pregnancy clothing for your shape.
Ankara has become part of our Nigeriantraditional attire, the uniqueness inAnkaraFabrics brings about show off in African Ankara Fashion World. This fabric can be used create lots of beautiful latest ankara styles for both men and women. If you pregnant and are looking for what to wear? Here are some More pictures of Pregnancy Ankara Styles.
#Video: Maternity Ankara Styles

As an African, back in the days African expecially our Nigerian women were always seen on wrapper but in recent times  with Ankara prints, you can style yourself in variou…

Cloth Diaper Essentials for Babies

If you are new to cloth diapers and are thinking what the basic cloth diapering essentials needed are. As a parent once you have carefully made your of diapers you want for your baby, some things listed below shouldn’t be left out. Below are a few cloth diaper essentials to get you started. Read on 
Cloth Diapering Essentials (The type of diapers you use determines the items you will need to purchase)Diapers: You will need enough diapers for cloth diapering DiaperCovers: Diaper covers provide the waterproof layer needed to keep your child's clothing dry when using cloth Wipes: To clean your baby's bottom when changing the diaper

How to make Chin Chin in Nigeria

Chin Chin is a deep fried crunchy snack loved by Nigerians, used for refreshment at ceremonies like naming ceremony, birthdays and wedding ceremonies, 
I love my Chin-chin not so crunchy and dry, so I use eggs, and more milk, margarine Ingredients Needed for Nigerian Chin Chin A clean bowl to mix the dough1kg plain flour75g powdered milk2 medium sized nutmegs (grind to powder)2 Eggs200g granulated sugar75ml Water125g margarineA rollerA deep pot for fryingVegetable Oil (enough to deep fry)#Video: How to Make Nigerian Chin Chin

Step 1 Use a separate bowl pour the water and add sugar stir and leave it to dissolve.Put plain flour in a dry  bowlAdd powdered milk to plain flowerAdd baking powder (half of a teaspoon) and use your bare hands to mix it well
Step 2 Spread the mixture and make the middle slightly deepAdd your eggAdd the sugar (the dissolved sugar)Add your margarine and start mixing until you feel it that it has formed a smooth dough – no lumps
Step 3 Sprinkle some plain flour on a flat s…

Nigerian Celebrities Baby Shower (Pictures)

If are you looking for ideas on baby showers, here are some baby shower pictures to inspire you. It is up to you to make the best out of it for the to-be mom, most baby showers are unique when the baby shower ideas are carefully planned on a budget and the invited guests are only friends and colleagues’ of the expectant mum. For more of this images click
Click To Watch this Video: Nigerian Baby Shower Pictures
Thinking of taking the task of planning an unforgettable baby shower for your friend, wife or sister? Hosting a special baby shower for a friend would entail getting awesome baby shower ideas. Usually, expecting mums anticipate their baby shower theme should suit their interests. Organizing a trendy baby shower withbeautifuldecorations, baby shower games, gift ideas and baby shower favors for the chairperson of the occasion makes the whole experience an exciting one.  Ensure to scroll down to read the history of baby showers.

Howwonderful! In the photograph above the Nigerian actre…

Beaded Necklace Designs (Pictures)

Beaded necklaces are handmade and designed to complement your outfits and make you look outstanding in occasions like traditional marriages and weddings. Beaded jewelries are styled for men and women and they are equally easy affordable.If you are looking for concepts on beading designs, you need not look further, Here are a few to inspire you.  

Lagos Connection Bead Necklace

 Abuja Connection Bead Necklace If you have events like wedding, naming ceremonies, birthdays and dedication to attend, then you need a hand made beaded jewelry to compliment your lovely out fit of the day. 

Pineapple Bead Necklace

3 Lines Beaded Necklace

Baby Shower Idea: Yellow and White Theme Baby Shower

Nothing is more adorable than planning andcreating a simple unforgettable theme for your baby shower. It takes a creative mind to plan a colourful baby shower such as this.
Baby Shower ThemesPlanning an ideal baby shower starts with a unique theme. Themes gives you a clearer picture of  how the baby shower will look like, choosing a great baby shower theme (for boy or girl) will make a great difference and help with the selection of colours for the baby shower decoration, invitation cards and baby shower games

Lizondo's baby shower is a simple sophisticated yellow and white themed baby shower like you have seen in the above picture. This baby shower idea is awesome!

Things to Consider Planning and Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower Choosing a perfect themeUnique DecorationInvitation Cards (colourful)Food for the guests - food and refreshments like baby shower cakes is also idle.Baby showers games - makes the whole idea funBaby shower gifts for the mom-to-be and guests as prizes to the gu…

How to Make Puff Puff Pastry in Nigeria (Video Tutorial)

Puff puff pastry - puff puff is a snack loved by Nigerians and most  Africans.  It can be used for breakfast and it is very easy to make. When mixing avoid adding too much water so that you do not end up making an oily pancake. Below are a few tips to get you started.
Step By Step Video Tutorial Puff Puff Pasty Recipe

Ingredients For Puff Puff RecipeA Clean bowl (for mixing the puff puff dough)Plain FlourTeaspoon of yeast (the type used in bread baking)Granulated sugarPinches of salt to tasteWater (lukewarm for mixing, if it is too hot you will kill the yeast)Vegetable Oil (or groundnut oil)YeastGranulated /powdered nutmeg (Optional) Step By Step Direction For Making Puff puff (Pastry) Dough Pour the quantity of plain flour into the bowl.Add nutmegAdd yeast (if the yeast is not in powdered form, dissolve it in a small Lukewarm water and add it before adding water)Add sugar to your taste.And salt to tasteMix all the dry ingredients together very wellWhen you are done mixing the ingredients…