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Maternity Dress Styles For Pregnant Moms

You are pregnant, Congratulation! Are you bothered about maternity gowns styles to wear. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea shopping for maternity clothes that will fit comfortably making you look fashionable. Below are a few maternity wears for you to choose from.

Below are Dresses Styles For Stylish Pregnant Women Who Loves To Look Trendy Video #1: Maternity Styles For Pregnant Nigerian Mums
When you are about 12 weeks gone, at this stage most of your lovely fitted outfits won’t look good on you like it used to, except stretchy tops and dresses. Most regular non-maternity free styles clothing’s are fairly maternity friendly. Below are a few for you. Video #2: Pregnancy Ankara Styles For Nigerian Mums (Alternative to Maternity Dresses-To help you hide your baby bumps)

Between 16 and 18 weeks you're most likely bloated within this transition period and  you may find out that you have outgrown most of your trouser pants and shirts, now you need start wearing  mother friendly comfortable matern…


Are you a single mum left saddled with responsibility of bringing up a child alone? Being a single mum is not the end of the world, the mere fact that you had your baby out of wedlock or by circumstance does not make you less a woman. As a single mother, you are still loving and caring for that child till date – “You are a Super Mum”
What people say about you does not matter, what really counts is what you think of yourself. Some women out there do not deserve to be called Mothers. Overtime, I have come realize that, it does not necessarily mean that only those who bear forth a child biologically that deserves to be called mothers “NO”. Bringing forth a child into this world is one thing, and taking proper care responsibility of that child is another. Read On
The single facts that you had a child before marriage does not make you a different person neither, will it change who you really are or what you ought to become in the f…

Inspire and Motivate Your Kids to Greatness

A child's greatness is the pride of any parent. So as a parent, your duty is to work on your child’s technical skill at home, I bet you will be amazed at the level of improvement in your son's skills. Are you against your child pursuing desired career?It is very possible to merge academic education with your interest and love for sports; do you know your child can become a soccer superstar in the future? In life what counts is your passion and attitude towards something results into talent. Read On
Professionals are not born that way but are made through hours of play, practice, training, discipline, focus, teamwork andexposure. In recent times most Football Academies now combine high school education and soccer to reach their full potentials. As parents, you owe your child the obligation of helping them do their homework. You could enquire from your child to find out his interest, what makes him or her happy.  If soccer, basketball, music etc. was all he knew and the only thin…