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Finding The Right Bra Size (Pregnant and Nursing Mothers)

It is indeed challenging for a lot of women to find a well-fitting bra, It requires effort, time when shopping for a well fitted bra. Most women are shy to try on bras in shops to find out if it fits perfectly before buying, when they get home they find out the bra do not fit. It is either too big or too small. Wearing ill-fitting bras can ruin an otherwise flawless outfit, it may also cause health issues. Read On
Every woman is created with different shape of breasts and sizes too, a perfect fitting bra can help upgrade your self-esteem and give your life a whole new outlook. It can also improve you health wise. Do you know that ill-fitting bras can damage your breast tissue? If the breast is not well supported, it can result to back pain. Most women with big breast experience back pain with so much pressure on the shoulder which leaves a dip hollow on both shoulders. A right sized bra should it snugly and sits properly in the center of your back.

Video: How To Measure Your Bra Size


Help Your Child Discover and Develop Hidden Talents

Every child has potential talents hidden in them; no child is good at everything.  If these talents can be discovered at a very early age, parents have a huge part to play in developing the lives of their kids. Help a child realize his or her dream by constantly making sure he practices and help him deal with fear but not by criticism. Understanding that becoming great in life is doesn’t come by accident, but by hard work and consistency.
There is difference between talent and skill. Talent is your natural ability which is inborn, while skillis can be defined as the ability acquired and developed  So, if you put in a lot of time and hard work into something; you can achieve greatness. Your child could become a president in the future or the next American Idol.  Encourage your child to groom the immense talent they he or she possesses.
# Video 1: This video will thrill you

Malakai Paul is 9Yrs Old, he was auditioned on Britain's Got Talent where he Sings Alicia Keys Hit Song with ove…

Infection in Babies: Ear Infection and Symptoms

Ear infection is an allergy caused by bacteria infection. It can also be referred to an inflammation of the middle ear and if carefully observed, you will see mucus dripping out your baby’s ear. If not treated on-time it will result to a ruptured ear drum. Ear infection is one common illness in infants between ages 0 – 3 years. Infection of the ear in children induces pain which results to fever and if not paid attention to, it gradually ruptures the child’s ear drum thereby reducing the baby’s ability of a child to hear properly. Read On
Does your baby cry more often than usual? If you have observed your baby’s unusual fussiness, then something is wrong or when you lye your baby on one side after a few minutes you notice some discomfort but when you change the position to the other side the baby is calm; it means the ear facing down may have pulse filled inside that needs to be drained and treated quickly to avoid further damage. Ear infection comes with severe pain in adults (It’s no…

Maternity Photo Shoot: Making Your Pregnancy a Memorable Experience

Pregnancy photo shoot is the best way to show off your beautiful baby bump, making your pregnancy a memorable experience. Taking a maternity photo shoot is a way of keeping memories alive even after years have gone by, when you go back to your photo album it will remind you what you looked like when you were pregnant with your child.  It also helps your children know how beautiful their mother was when she was young and what she looked like when she was pregnant with them. I bet you, maternity portraits is a wonderful gift to give a child. Read On
There is no right or wrong way to pose in a maternity photograph and there there is no such thing as a "Perfect Maternity Photo Shoot" Why don't give it a try? Flaunt your baby bump unapologetically! I think it will be best if you first take a sample photograph at home, ask your spouse or a friend to be a test photographer. Just be yourself, connect with your and embrace the joy of the moment - some women out there are longing t…

Nigerian Celebrity Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Stephanie Okereke looking flawless and ravishing in her baby bumps as always.
Baby bumps are simply beautiful, sexy and adorable. Showing off your baby bump is not a crime; it is an amazing way of appreciating yourself in such a special period in your life. Maternity photo shoots keep memories of your baby bump experience alive years after delivery. The act of taking and safe keeping photographs of yourself is indeed inspiring because it brings back memories of a beautiful you years back. Read On
Pregnancy photo shoots is fun, unique, exciting and memorable event. Some pregnant celebrities feel that weight they have gained during pregnancy and other body changes make them feel not as pretty and sexy like they were,  which can lead to less confidence and more stress.
Is your belly big and beautiful? Flaunt it! See some of our Nigerian Celebrities showing off their Beautiful Baby Bumps
Nollywood actress and video Vixen Dior Chidera Adiele here is showing off her beautiful baby bump by posi…