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How to Prepare Nigerian Post Delivery White soup (Ofe Nsala)

Post-Partum hot soup popularly known in English as White soup is a Nigerian delicacy. Here in Nigeria this soup is mostly prepared by the Igbo’s and calabar’s. Ofe Nsala like the Igbo’s call it is a traditional hot soup usually prepared for women who just newly delivered a baby to help them easily expel the after delivery blood to avoid clothing, cramps and also reduce their belly. In this article, you will learn how to prepare, Read on 

This type of soup is popularly referred to as white soup because it is one traditional soup prepared in Nigeria without oil. Cooking Nsala soup is very easy, in my place, after its prepared it can go with boiled yam or swallow (utara akpu/loiloi or pounded yam) but I enjoy it more with loiloi.

This soup can be prepared with any type of meat or fish, the choice is yours. 

I enjoy cooking it with seafood such as snail, stock fish and dry fish. For me, what makes Nsala soup is the stock fish.
To start with you need to buy all the necessary ingredients t…

Trendy Maternity Clothes for Stylish Nigerian Moms

Most people misunderstand maternity styles; the misconception here is that maternity clothes appear to be horrible and offensive on pregnant women because of the burgoos nature of some of the dresses. The change in your body does not mean you should change who you are.  All you need do is to step up your dress sense but stick to your usual style with a little bit of allowance, wear stretchy knee length dresses to beautifully show off your baby bump.

When dressing your bump in the second trimester,what really counts is your comfort and style but it does not also mean you should transform your wardrobe completely. Free styled gown with a flat sandal can add some glamour to your bump and make you have a rethink to pregnancy fashion tips. When pregnant wear whatever you feel makes you comfortable, this woman in the below image is looking pretty gorgeous as she flaunts her baby bump in a flowing maternity fashioned gown - looking sexier than ever.  Below are Celebrity moms to be in trendy de…