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Pregnancy Checklist Third trimester (A Guide for Expectant Nigerian Mothers)

Keeping a pregnancy checklist serves as a reminder all through the three trimesters. This article will help you plan and track your antenatal appointments, do your baby shopping on a budget, shop for everything you need, take some memorable maternity photo shoots with your pregnancy, choose your baby names, plan your baby’s naming ceremony and birthdays. You can even keep a reminder as to when to pack your hospital bag for delivery. Read on Third Trimester (Week 29- 32)Here in Nigeria some people see it as a taboo to announce their pregnancy probably because they feel something may go wrong (miscarriage)if they do but It’s still ok if you choose to be quiet about it, pregnancy announces itself as it progresses.
Most women end up having unexpected labour at 6 – 8 month and end up having pre-term babies. If you are a working mother ensure you consult your HR department to fix your maternity leave and also find out if you will be paid or not. Always be prepared, find out who will cover for…

Pregnancy Checklist:Things to Buy When Preparing for a Baby

Pregnancy for first time mothers is a life changing experience. Bonding with your unborn baby even before she/he arrives is something you need to create time for, talk to your baby and pray for the baby while inside of you. As your pregnancy progresses, a miracle takes place inside of you and with a Pregnancy to - do list, you will have a stress free pregnancy throughout the first, second trimesters and track all your tasks and decide what name your baby should bear. This article will put you through on how to keep a reminder while preparing for your baby’s arrival. Read on.
First Trimester (Week 1 – 12) If you suspect you are pregnant, wait for at least 8 weeks before going to see a doctor for confirmation. First you need to prepare yourself for question like when was your last period (first and last day) to help determine your due date and if there are any medical histories. Then go for an ultra sound scan to see what the fetus inside you looks like.
As soon as it is confirmed that you…

Infertility: Causes and Treatment of Male Infertility

Infertility problems have led to so many broken marriages.In Nigeria, Infertility evaluation have traditionally focussed on women. Some men are naturally born with sperm abnormalities, while for some the problem surfaces later in life as a result of illness, injury, biological, reckless lifestyle or even the unexplainable infertility factors. Medical experts reveal that with IVF, infertility treatment over the years has been a huge success. This article will enlighten you with the common cause of infertility in men and treatment.  Read on

Wikipedia defines infertility in men as a male's inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female.After a year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse and pregnancy fail to occur, both couples are expected to go for a test to examine what the problem is. This is because it has also been proven medically that some men are diagnosed infertile.  A medical check- up can reveal infertility causes and also detect other potentially serious medical prob…

Must Have Baby Items for first time Mothers (A Guide for Nigerian Mothers)

If you are pregnant and almost due for delivery, yet not certain on what the essential items to buy before your newborn baby arrives, this article is for you. Below are things you need to buy as an expectant mother but it is important to plan ahead on a budget. This has to be done by first making shopping list for newborn baby for everything you need to buy before your baby arrives. Read on 
Before making your first baby preparation shopping list, you need to create a birth plan as seen below:•Make a list of essential items to take to the hospital for delivery
•When to pack my hospital bag to avoid last minute rush
•What to pack in my hospital bag for delivery
Newborn Baby Shopping List for First Time MomsThe first set of baby clothes you will buy ranges from 0-3months, 3-6 and so on. For diapers, start with mini, midi before and ensure you do not buy lots of them. It will surprise you to know that babies outgrow clothes, diapers and shoes quickly. 
ClothingBody suits (sleep suits or overa…