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IVF Clinics: Fertility Clinics In Nigeria

If you have been finding it difficult to get pregnant naturally, this article is for you. In vitro Fertilization (IVF) became a reality in the Uk when Louise Joy Brown was born on the 25th of July, 1978. Since then millions of babies have been around the world born to families who had no hope of having their own babies. Nigeria followed the lead in setting up reliable  fertility centers, now we have quite a number of listed IVF clinics handling infertility issues here in Nigeria. These Clinics have evident IVF success stories. Below are a few IVF Centers with their contacts. Read on  Nisa Premier Hospital, Abuja Medical Director:  Dr. Ibrahim Wada Plot 618, Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi, P O Box 7320 (Wuse) Abuja Email:
Telephone: +234-703-417-9894 +234-703-417-9895 +234-817-420-9999

St. Jude's Fertility Clinic, AbujaHigh Quality Women's Health Care and Fertility  Head o…

Online Stores: Websites to Shop Maternity and Baby Products in Nigeria

If you are pregnant and wondering how to go about buying everything you have listed on your newborn baby shopping list and maternity wears, this article is for you. More so, if you are a mother who newly delivered or have a toddler(s) and are searching for an online shop in Nigeria where you can get all the items you need for your baby in on place like clothes toys and accessories, you need not bother yourself going from one shop to another looking for what to buy.  There are many websites where you can shop quality online baby clothes, maternity dresses, baby nursery, toys, gift items and accessories and kids wear and lots more at affordable prices without leaving your house. In this article you will find out Nigerian sites you can shop online. Read on

Online shopping gives you a wide range of opportunity to carefully pick varieties of items from one shop like children's clothes, books, toys and more. so you see, shopping online is not a bad idea because most of these stores allow…

Storing Baby Food: Our Answers to Questions Nigerian Mothers Ask About Storing Homemade Baby Foods Safely

Are you planning on Storing homemade baby food in your refrigerator? There are some important freezing and refrigerating guidelines that you must follow when storing Nigerian homemade baby foods at home. There are also some recommended standards on how to store pureed baby food. Answers to these frequently asked questions will guide you. Read on.

How Long Can I Safely Store Baby Food in The Fridge or Freezer?Three months is the maximum most baby foods can store safely in the freezer. After this period, “it is longer safe for baby’s consumption”.  
Infant purees can be preserved in the fridge up to a maximum of four days to prevent bacteria growth and that the food’s taste does not change while in the fridge. 

Can Frozen Vegetables and Fruits Used for Baby Purees and Freeze For Later?YES. Frozen vegetables and fruits can be used for puree.  After making the puree you can freeze it for use later. Freezing foods at a very low temperature helps preserves the food thereby retaining the nutrie…

How to Peel Beans For Moi-Moi Using a Food Processor

If your  hubby is cooking and your family likes eating beans, this article is for you. No doubt beans is nutritious and rich in protein. Here in Africa, our men cannot do without eating food prepared with beans once a week.  It doesn't matter the country you are from Gana, Kenya, Sierra Leon Uganda, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Niger, Chad e.t.c  this post is for you. There are other cool uses of food processor like using the food processor to pound yam. Here in Nigeria, we eat beans a lot but in different ways by preparing delicacies such beans soup (gbegiri), moi-moi and akara widely known as bean cake but preparing this food is a huge assignment.Find out the different uses of food processor in our Nigerian Kitchen. Read on
No doubt beans is one nutritious food If you operate a restaurant or small eatery place, this article is for you. Using a food processor for peeling beans makes it faster and stress free for you.    The Unbeatable Uses of Food Processor For Peeling Beans

How to Pound Yam in 5 Minutes Using a Food Processor in Nigeria Kitchens (Video Tutorial)

Preparing pounded yam with a mortar seems to me like a punishment. I love cooking a lot but some women find cooking a tough duty, while some interestingly see it as a hobby. If you have a food processor, then it is high time you give yourself a break from pounding yam with the old school method. With the surprising uses of food processor cooking is a lot easier for all our Nigerian women.

When preparing items before cooking you should be rest assured that with the different uses of your food processor cooking will be faster than you ever imagined. Follow the steps below in this article, you will find out other cool uses of food processor in Nigerian Kitchens. Read on   
Knowing how much our Nigerian men love eating pounded yam, having it done properly without lumps is a huge task for us women. Most of us women try our best yet after pounding it turns out to have lumps but with a food processor, the result is unbeatable. Common let’s get started. Using A Food Processor to Prepare Pounded…