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300+ Unique English Baby Boy Names Popular in Nigeria

Are you expecting a baby boy, and looking for a list of unique English baby boy names so that you could pick one for your new-born or soon-to-be-born baby? Below is a list of over three-hundred cute names of baby boys in English, to choose from. You’ll even find some unusual English names of baby boys as well as some popular baby boy names in English. All the baby names have been arranged in alphabetical order from letter A to Z, to make it easy for you to look around.

Aaron             Connor        Jackson      Micah
Adam             Cooper        Jacob          Michael
Adrian            Corey          Jake            Miles
Aidan              Cosmos       James         Morgan
Aiden              Craig           Jamie          Nathan
Alan                Cyril             Jason          Nathaniel
Alban              Daniel          Jay              Nelson
Albert             David           Jayce          Nicholas
Alex                Declan         Jayden        Noah
Alexander      Demean      Jean            Nolan
Alexandra      Denis           Jeffrey        Oliver
Alfie                Dennise       Jeremiah    O'neal
Alfred             Desmond    Jeremy       Oscar
Alison             Dominic       Jerry           Owen
Alvan              Donald         Joe              Parker
Alvin               Dylan           Joel             Pascal
Andrew          Edmond      John            Patrick
Anthony         Edward        Jonathan     Paul
Archie            Eli                Jordan        Philip
Arthur             Elijah           Joseph        Pius
Arvin              Elliot            Joshua        Randy
Asher             Ellis              Josiah         Reece
Austin             Elvis            Judge          Reese
Bailey             Eric              Julian          Reginald
Ben                Ethan           Julius          Richard
Benjamin        Evan            Justin          Richmond
Bentley           Ewan           Justine        Riley
Bernard          Felix            Kai              Robert
Billy                Ferdinand    Kenedy       Ron
Blake              Festus         Keneth        Ronald
Bobby            Fidelis          Kennedy     Roy
Bradley          Finlay          Kenneth      Ryan
Brandon         Finley          Kevin          Sam
Brayden         Fortune        Kian            Samuel
Brendan         Frank           Kieran         Scott
Brian              Franklin       Kyle            Sean
Brody             Freddie        Landon        Sebasten
Bruce             Gabriel        Lawrence    Stanley
Caden            Gary            Leo              Stefan
Caleb             Gavin          Leon            Stephan
Callim             George        Levi             Taylor
Camden         Gerald         Lewis          Theo
Cameron        Grayson      Liam            Thomas
Carl                Greg            Lincoln        Timothy
Carson           Harley         Logan          Toby
Carter             Harrison      Louis           Tristan
Celestine        Harry           Lucas          Tyler
Charles          Harvey        Lukas          Wayne
Charlie           Hayden       Luke            William
Chase            Henry          Marceline    Wyatt
Christian         Hudson        Martin         Xavier
Christopher    Hunter         Mason         Zach
Clinton            Ian               Mateo         Zachary
Cody              Irvin             Mathew       Zak
Cole               Isaac           Mavis         
Colin               Isaiah           Max           
Colton            Jack                                     

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Why Nigerians Love English Baby Names

It’s no secret that English names are some of the most popular non-Nigerian baby names in Nigeria. Naming of babies in English, boys and girls, dates back a long to the colonial days. In Nigeria, English names are an automatic identifier of a Christian, and that was because the English people brought Christianity to Nigeria and at the time preached for new Christians to ‘baptize’ by picking a new Christian-based English name. So, it’s not a surprise to see some Nigerian grand-fathers who bear English names.
English baby boy names are also a favourite among expecting mothers in Nigeria.

So, did you find a suitable English name for your newborn baby boy? Or did I miss adding your favourite English name in the above list? If so, add it in the comment below and we will be glad to add it to the list.


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