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Pregnancy Stages: A Guide for Nigerian Women

Pregnancy is achieved when fertilization of egg takes place in the uterus place and it comes with different kinds of symptom at each pregnancy stage. A normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, counting from the first day of your last normal period, precisely 14 days after your ovulation. The weeks are grouped into three pregnancy trimesters.Find out what's happening with you and your baby in these three stages. Read on to figure out your stage of pregnancy.

Wonderful Pregnant Woman
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Sometimes it turns out your Pregnancy tests returns negative, do not be discouraged. Give yourself sometime say another two to three weeks, run confirmation another test for the second time if the symptom persists. 

Why do Pregnancy Test Results Fail?Pregnancy test results sometimes fails at an early stage of the pregnancy because it is too early to detect, there are not enough pregnancy hormones (HCG) to detect if it’s positive or negative.

When conducting a pregn…

Baby Names: Unusual Christian Baby Names In Nigeria

Looking for top Christian baby names that Nigerians give their babies to choose for your newborn baby boy or girl?  Christianity is one of the popular religions in Nigeria. Some of the unique Christian baby names in Nigeria are names of apostles of Jesus Christ Catholic Saints, while some unusual Christian baby names are inspired by the circumstances surrounding the birth of the baby or the expectations/ good wishes of the parents for the future of the baby or their family.
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Below is a list of the popular and cute baby names that most Nigerian Christian parents are choosing for their soon-to-be-born babies. Top Christian Baby Boy NamesHere are the popular Christian names in Nigeria new-born for baby boys:







Top Christian Baby Girl NamesHere are the popular Christian names for baby girls. These names are popular among Nigerian pa…

Top Yoruba Baby Names in Nigeria

[LIST] Top Yoruba Baby Names for Boys and GirlsNow you don’t have to scratch your head in lost, wondering how to find a big list of plenty Yoruba baby names in one single place – we have compiled over 300 cute, unique names of baby boys and baby girls for you to choose from. Below, you’ll also find a list of popular, unisex Yoruba baby names. To make it easy for you to quickly find a cute name for your baby, I arranged the list of baby names in alphabetical order from A to Z. See the names below. #1. Unique Yoruba Baby Boy NamesAbayomi                 Adeyemo             Ifeoluwa                    Oluwanifemi Abayomrunkoje     Adigun                  Jaiyesimi                 Oluwarogbayi Abegunde               Afiba                    Monjolaoluwa          Oluwaseun Abeni                      Agdebiyi              Niyilolawa                 Oluwashinaayo Abeo                       Ajala                     Oba                          Oluwasoromiyo Abidugun                Ajeigbe        …

Unique English Baby Girl Names Popular in Nigeria

If you’re an expecting Nigerian mother searching for a list of the unique, popular and even unusual English baby girl names, I know how stressful it can be trying to find the best names in one place. So, I have compiled this list of English names for girls to help end your frustration. Below, you will find over 150 unique names fit for a special baby like yours. I have arranged the names in alphabetical order from A to Z, to make it easy for you to pick a cute, English baby girl name. So, sit back and start searching.
Aaliyah        Claire                 Juliana        Mila Abbey          Claudia              Julie            Molly Abby            Courtney            Kaelyn        Monique Abigail          Danielle             Kaitlin         Natalie Adalyn         Debie                 Kaitlyn        Natasha Addison       Diana                 Karen          Nicole Adeline        Diane                 Kate            Nightingale Alaina          Donna                Katherine    Nora Alana   …

300+ Unique English Baby Boy Names Popular in Nigeria

Are you expecting a baby boy, and looking for a list of unique English baby boy names so that you could pick one for your new-born or soon-to-be-born baby? Below is a list of over three-hundred cute names of baby boys in English, to choose from. You’ll even find some unusual English names of baby boys as well as some popular baby boy names in English. All the baby names have been arranged in alphabetical order from letter A to Z, to make it easy for you to look around.
Aaron             Connor        Jackson      Micah Adam             Cooper        Jacob          Michael Adrian            Corey          Jake            Miles Aidan              Cosmos       James         Morgan Aiden              Craig           Jamie          Nathan Alan                Cyril             Jason          Nathaniel Alban              Daniel          Jay              Nelson Albert             David           Jayce          Nicholas Alex                Declan         Jayden        Noah Alexander      Demean      Jea…