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Top Igbo Baby Names Popular in Nigeria

Are you looking for unique and cute igbo baby names for your new-born or soon-to-be-born baby? Below is our compilation of the popular igbo names for baby boys, baby girls as well as unisex baby names.  You’ll find that some of the igbo baby names below are unusual, yet cute. We have also included some of the top, popular ibo baby names for boys and girls. Check the list of names now.Unique Igbo Baby Boy NamesAbaezeChimezieIlozumbaOdinakachi AchebeChinmakodimIzuchukwuOdogwu AchikeChisomagaJachimikeOgbonna AchutebeChukwudimma Jideofor

How to Buy a Baby Cot in Nigeria

Buying a baby cot is an important decision to make, though making a choice might be tricky but do not be tempted to sharing your bed with your baby to avoid cot death– casualty. Is a standard swinging crib worth buying? It may seem great in a nursery and can aid your babies sleep. Read on.

The fact that there are several options like the swing, Moses basket, swinging hammock, and the cot beds whichever one you decide is up to you, but the whole essence is to ensure that your little one’s bedding is somewhat stylish, warm and safe for a sound sleep. It is advised that should sleep in the parents’ room; under their supervision for at least six months. Your baby cot should be kept within your reach for easy access in case you want to breastfeed. Note: if you must move your Moses basket, it is advised to lift the handle with one hand underneath the basket for support to be on the safe side. Baby Cot Buying Guide As a parent finding the right bed to buy for your new born baby might be a cha…