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Newborn Baby Gift: What Gift Can I Get for a New Mom

Show caption Newborn baby gift ideas are often a hard decision to make when buying a gift for a friend who just newly delivered. Sometimes, you find it hard to know what the mother would appreciate. Not to worry, we have a list of items you can pick for your friend and her baby. Read on

Baby gift items are memorable and adorable gifts. These items are given out of love from deep down the heart, the gifts serve as a heartfelt congratulation for the birth of a new baby.
Parents appreciate these gifts because, they come in at a time they are waiting or celebrating the arrival of their young one.
Considering the fact that someone took the time, out to buy gifts that he or she thinks you will treasure and when these gifts arrive and the mum happen to be in need of such a gift, such gift tends to be the best baby.
Treats for a newly delivered mom – Prepare the new mom a special delicacy, rich white soup with pounded yam (OFE OMUGWO) and present it to her as an after birth gift.
Your friend just …

Does Every Mother Need a Baby Monitor?

It’s easy to buy every baby gadget you hear about, but it’s important to do your due diligence. Baby monitors are one of the trendiest baby products that most young mothers hear about, and want to buy without finding out whether they really need it.
The truth is that not everyone needs a baby monitor. Our mothers did not use baby monitors, and they and us did not die. Most Nigerian parents are not using baby monitors and nothing bad has happened to their babies.
So, the truth is that baby monitors are not really necessary – although they are nice to have. Just like any other piece of technology, baby monitors exist to make the user’s life easier and or safer.  So, What Is a Baby Monitor and How Do they Work?It’s not easy coping with a baby or toddler when you don’t have a domestic helper, relative or nanny to help you keep an eye on the child while you’re busy in the kitchen or elsewhere around the house. But, if you install a baby monitor in your baby’s room, you can hear when your baby…


This book "The Hungry Caterpillar written by Eric Carle"Is an amazing book recommended for children; it will help them speed up in their mode of learning English Language from this tender age.  This charming book” The hungry Caterpillar” is a striking tale of science and biology. It has been translated into 20 languages and more, and to date more than 12 million copies of this book have been sold.

#VIDEO ANIMATION: The hungry Caterpillar 

Over the years, this book has charmed lots of readers with its simple memorable story lines, its striking illustration and the gimmick in this book is that the caterpillar eats through the food holes punched on each of the pages of this book. This book will appeal to the pre-kindergarten and the kindergarten as well.
This book teaches about the simple life cycle of a butterfly in the transformation of the caterpillar to a colourful beautiful butterfly. With the striking bold coloured pictures in this story, makes the texts easy to understand. I…

How to Use Breast Pump to Express Milk (Video Tutorial for Nursing Mothers)

If you're a busy nursing mom and new to using breast pumps, you definitely want to read this to learn how to use a breast pump from scratch. A breast pump is one essential tool that makes life easier for busy, working moms. Some things are best learned by seeing someone do them in action, and using a breast pump is just one of those. So, watch the videos below on how to use an electric pump as well as how to use a manual breast pump – ensure to practice along while watching the video tutorials.

Video 1: How to Use Manual Breast Pump to Express Milk
Video 2: How to Use Electric Breast Pump
Items You need When Expressing Breast Milk with Breast Pump A breast pump (manual or electric breast pump)  – click the above video to see the types of electric pumpsClean hands - ensure to wash your hands clean before pumping, to avoid contaminating any of the breast pump parts. Hot water and a sink - for cleaning up the pump parts after each pumpingBottles or breast milk storage bags - to collect a…


Are you about to start shopping for a breast pump but need some hard facts to help you decide on which type to buy? When there are many types and brands of breast pumps to choose from in any market including Nigeria, it’s easy to get confused about the one to buy. And when you remember that you’ll be spending lots of time with any breast pump you buy, you can’t gamble to buy just any one – what if you discover that it does not feel comfortable and you don’t like it? What if the breast pump doesn't even pump as well as you expect?
In this post, you will discover everything you need to know in order to choose the best breast pump in Nigeria – from choosing between an electric and a manual breast pump and more. Continue reading.
Facts to Know Before Buying a Breast PumpOnce you have decided to purchase a breast pump, here are things you need to know before shopping: Some breast pumps pump better than others;Some poor quality breast pumps are uncomfortable (may be a bit painful) when usi…

Baby Car Seat Review: Brands of Baby Car Seat Available in Nigeria

There are many quality car seats available in the Nigerian markets. Below are the top 7 baby car seats that are the best quality, and guaranteed to last years and years. See our List of Top 7 baby Car Seats in Nigeria 1. Graco SnugRide Graco is of standard and also one of the best in baby car seats. Graco is comfortable, well padded with foam like an absorb-er to protect your baby from any impact and its installation is not complex. When properly installed, be rest assured of your baby’s safety in the event of any car crash. Graco car seats are equally compatible with the strollers 2. Britax B-safeBritax is one of the biggest in the market producing baby travel system. The Britax B-safe is a wonderful car seat that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends. If you intend to get a Britax stroller, such as Britax B-Scene stroller or Britax B-Agile stroller, then it means your choice for the Britax B-safe makes sense. The Click and go adapters that is already attached to the car seat…

How to Choose a Good Car Seat to Buy: 5 Things to Look Out For

If you're like most parents, you are concerned about the safety of your child everywhere they are - in the house and outside. Buying a baby car seat for your little one is one of the safest ways to protect your child during car journeys. But, not every car seat is safe for your child. Before buying a baby car seat, there are a few things to consider, and you will find out in this article. Read on.
#1. Ease of Installation: Make sure the car seat you are planning to buy can be (easily and properly) installed in your make of car. It’s easy to do this by checking the car fitting list for the brand of baby car seat you are considering. For example, in some cars you will not be able to install a support leg or top tether. Also, check that the install directions on the manual are clear.

#2. Ease of Use: For some reasons, some baby car seats are difficult to use (after installation). Common usability and safety problems that parents complain of include:  •For some seats, their shoulder stra…

3 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Buy a Baby Car Seat

As a parent, one of your topmost duties to your child is ‘constant protection’. Fulfilling that duty is easier with the help of available child safety products such as baby car seats. When correctly installed, a baby car seat can protect the life of your child in the event of an accident. Besides child safety, there are other must-know reasons why you need to buy your child a car seat. Read on to find out:

There are lots of testimonies from thousands of parents around the World, of how one or more babies came out alive after an accident. Here are some real life stories that will convince you to buy a car seat for your young one:

Real Life Story #1: We had one for my baby from 4 months old- 11 months old when we were in a car accident. A car hit us head on and then we were hit from behind by a dump truck. The car was totaled but with my baby in this seat, he came away without even a bruise or bump to show for it! I immediately decided to replace it with the same se…


Congratulation!! To those of you mothers out there, expecting a new baby and 
you are probably thinking, what name/names should my baby bear. Here 
are lot list of names you can choose from. Names for Baby Boys and Girls in Nigeria AbaezeAnigekwuGinikachukwuOgonnayaAbalakaAniyanHarliruOgunAbayomiAnozieHarunaOisaghieAbayomrunkojeAnuliHassanaOjuolapeAbdallahAnwilichukwuIbekweOkechukuAbdulAnyagaligboIberedemobongOkoiAbdullahiAnyaoraIbironkeOkonkwoAbdulsalamArahIbrahimOkpanachiAbebiArettaIdachabaOkwuteAbegundeAriwoopeIdaramfonOlabisiAbeniAsagwaraIdogbeOladeleAbidemiAsmauIdokoOladosu