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How to Preserve Homemade Baby Foods in Two Methods (a Guide for Nigerian Moms)

This article is for Nigerian mothers with little babies and toddlers, as well as busy working moms who make semi solid baby foods by themselves at home. If you are tired of preparing baby food many times a day, this article is for you. In this post you will learn the two different methods of safely preserving your homemade baby food using a refrigerator and a freezer to avoid harmful bacteria on your baby food. Read on
NOTE: Before you use any container for your baby food, wash the container thoroughly with warm, soapy water and leave it to dry before filling it with your baby’s food. After you are done, you can now throw the food into the refrigerator.  
Method #1: How to Store Homemade Nigerian Baby Food Using a RefrigeratorDo not store cooked or pureed homemade baby food in the refrigerator.Store your prepared baby puree in single serving containers.Make sure to use any baby food you place in the refrigerator within 48 hours. Anything that sits in the refrigerator past that amount o…

Infant Weaning Foods: How to Prepare Rich Homemade Infant Formula

Infants grow faster than we envisage and breastfeeding alone cannot meet the nutritional requirement of a child in the first and second year. When a child is about four months of age, the child needs supplementary feeding and this is the point where the low cost homemade foods with adequate nutrients and energy are introduced to compliment with breastmilk.
Infant weaning foods are carefully formulated to equate a balanced nutrition for babies and the raw materials like the soya beans and crayfish are high in protein and energy nutrition. These ingredients are produce from our locally available farm produce like corn, millet, soya beans, plantain and groundnuts, they easy to prepare.

Process Measure the quantity of raw material needed Pick out stones from the millet and soya beansWash both the millet and soya beans cleanAfter washing, dry themFry the soya beans to reduce bacterial load and the acidity level,Keep stirring it at interval until it turns slightly brown like a roasted groundnu…

Homemade Foods: How to Make Vegetable Puree for Infants

Babies from ages 4 – 6 months are ready for solid foods and also vegetables purees. Keep in mind that your baby needs fresh food to grow and not canned foods. Babies from ages 4 – 6 months are ready for solid foods. Vegetables and fruits helps infants get easy digestion of cereals and also help their bowels against constipation.
Homemade vegetable puree is very good for growing kids because it is filled with essential vitamins and nutrients for any baby between 6 months ages and above. Mixed vegetable Purée recipe are naturally sweet and suitable for most babies. Read on

This is a recipe will you how to make mixed vegetable purée for your baby.  Some people may say 4-6 months is too early to offer a child potato but it is fine when you put a little bit of water to make the purees smooth. Ingredients Pumpkin leaves or 2 cucumber 2 Carrots 3 fresh tomatoes 1 Sweet or 2 Irish potatoes Fresh Fish (ensure the fish is without bones please) 4 spoons of Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil Steps to Preparing …

Homemade Food: How to Make Infant Rice Cereal

Brown rice contains lots of nutrients and health benefits in infants. Do you know that your baby’s first complimentary cereal does not have to be the commercial packaged cereal? Yet most parents still trust the commercial brands infant rice cereal. 
Although rice cereal contain a little bit of protein but high in carbohydrate and your baby needs carbohydrate for energy to move (crawl) around. Making your baby’s homemade rice cereal is very easy. Just follow the steps below to making your own rice cereal.  Read on The Nutrients Contained in Brown Rice Are As Follows: Calcium Niacin Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, Folate, Phosphorous Potassium Magnesium Sodium Requirements for Rice Cereal Powder Rice (white or brown) grain Grind or blend the rice to powder with your blender or food processor
One cup of water  Recipes on How to Prepare Rice Cereal After blending the rice to powder (white or brown) rice powder  Measure 1/4 cup of rice Boil a cup of water and bring the water to a boiling point Add the rice powd…

Conquering Infertility:Trying to Conceive, Diagnoses and IVF Treatment (A Guide for Expectant Mothers)

Female infertility can be determined by so many factors but can not be confirmed without carrying out thoroughly medical examining her reproductive system.  If infertility is suspected in a female, the doctor will require her to go for several medical examination to prove otherwise, these tests includes: Taking her blood sample to check  her hormone level and conducting an endometrial biopsy to check the lining of her uterus. In this article you will learn about IVF as the answer to a mothers desire.  Read on
If infertility is detected, the doctor will do a finding as to what level is the damage and if drugs like clomiphene can correct it. But if the damage is grave, the only option will be Assisted Reproductive Technology. How Is the Cause of Infertility Determined?Two diagnostic tests that may be helpful in detecting scar tissue and tubal obstruction are laparoscopy and hysterosalpingography also known as HSG 
Laparoscopy. This procedure involves using an object called laparoscope. The …

Infant Weaning Foods: When to Should I Introduce My Baby to Solid Food and What are The Signs of Readiness

Babies between four and six months old will be ready for their first solid food. There are no strict rules on which food to start with, you can either go with high end the jarred cereal or homemade. If you choose to go with homemade infant formula, make sure you process it with utmost care. This article will put you through all the required steps as to when to start your baby with solid foods and signs of solid food (homemade infant formulas) readiness. Read on
Making homemade baby food is easier than most mothers think and a lot cheaper than the commercial brand. Homemade baby-food recipes allow you to control what your baby should or shouldn't eat like salt, excessive sugar or non-natural flavours. Find out what foods your baby could be allergic to beforehand but don't be afraid to try.
Most others start solid food with pap (processed from corn or millet) commonly called akamu in Nigeria, early when they are about 2 months old, but it is more nutritious when you mix it with so…

Infertility: Possible Causes of Female Infertility and factors that increase the risk of infertility in women

Causes of infertility in human vary from person to person, infertility is not just  a woman's problem, Some men have been diagnosed infertile. However, most Infertility causes  is biological while some are unexplainable. Women are born with a healthy determinant number of eggs. As a woman’s reproductive year’s progresses, the number and quality of her eggs diminish, chances of  natural conception after intercourse becomes very slim. Although other causes of infertility in woman that is traceable with the help of medical experts. In this article you will learn more about the most common  female infertility causes.. Read on  Common Causes of Female InfertilityAge: in the 20’s age-related abnormalities women related to the egg was not obvious, women in their teens easily conceive without issues. 
Technology reveals that for some unexplainable reasons, as women age, their fertile egg numbers begins to decrease . In recent times women in their thirties delay in child bearing. This lead t…

Infertility: Facts When Trying to Conceive (A Guide for Expectant Mothers)

For most families infertility has been a challenge, according to research, some are genetic disorders while most infertility causes are biological; the problem could come from either of the couples or complications from both couples. Most women who are in their child bearing age experience a natural sign of fertility before and during ovulation yet are infertile – unexplainable infertility. This article will give you detailed info on how to conquer infertility by conducting medical examination to ascertain the cause or extent of damage and apply safe and effective therapies to overcome infertility. Read on
Baby making is a natural experience for most couples. However, for some couples it is very tough experience. When strongly with female infertility, it is best to do some medical findings as to an in-depth report on the signs, causes, diagnosis, treatment, drugs and prevention; this also applies to male infertility. What is Infertility?Infertility according wikipedia is the inability o…

Breastfeeding: Common Breastfeeding Problems and the Solutions

There are some common problems associated with breast feeding, like engorged breast, cracked nipple, blocked ducts and low milk. Like the issue of a cracked nipple could be as a result of hunger on your baby’s side forcing her to use increase her sucking motion.  This article will give you detailed guide to solving these issues and how to manage these problems while breastfeeding. Read on
Keep in mind that children tend to eat take more breast milk in during their first and last feeding daily. Ensure you give your baby enough to avoid cracking or engorgement of the breast.
Below are the Problems Associated with Breastfeeding and the Solutions

Blocked Ducts Avoid wearing a tight bra but If your breasts still feels full after breastfeeding your baby or try express some milk with a breast pump to relieve the fullness and pain or take paracetamol. Take a warm shower or use warm water and dab your breast using a towel before a feed to enable the breast-milk flow, this will make you feel more re…