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Maternity Style Tips for Stylish Moms in Nigeria

Are you pregnant and don’t know which maternity styles will be good for office and other occasion? Some women are scared that they lack maternity styles ideas, as to what to wear to the office or dinner. For more stylish maternity and Celebrity styles, 

Most pregnant women are faced with the fact that they are pregnant and nothing will fit on their bumps. In this article you will learn some maternity style tips when pregnant and discover some amazing image of celebrity maternity dress styles. Dress your best when pregnant, being pregnant doesn't mean you are imprisoned for nine months, this is the time to give yourself the best look you can. Play the video below to see Pictures of Trendy Maternity Styles for Moms.

Helping Expectant Mothers Feel Comfortable and Trendy in Their Maternity Outfits.

  •  Wear mini-dresses to accentuate your growing belly, giving you that sexy and sparkling look no matter how pregnant you are.
  • Get a few jeans that are a bit larger than your usual size that will not be tight but hug and fit your body give you that fitting that you so desire, making you look sexy even with pregnancy but feel more comfortable in a pregnancy jeans, you can purchase few too.
Shoe with a little inches                                  Flat foot wear - perfect

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t fit into any (maternity) dress size or shoe, there are varieties of well sawn trendy maternity pieces all styled for you and shoes with a little bit of heel to give you that outstanding look.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Kneel-length pencil skirts or gown with a foot wear that is some inches above the ground helps  beautify your bump because it brings out your girly curves. Tell me, don't you think the lady in the above image is looking awesome and attractive even with her pregnancy

Veronica Ebie-Odeka  in a lovely Maternity Styled gown   
Here in Nigeria, we have our native Ankara maternity clothing that are fitted, sexy and fashionable for any stylish Nigerian pregnant women.  
  • Wear flat shoes, sandals or slipper: These type of footwear is best worn when you  are going out and may be taking a long walk or standing for a while. Flat shoes are good for corporate or office wear.
  • Platform shoes with inches a bit higher above the ground are good to go as long as you feel the balance and are comfortable to walk around with. It makes you look more lady like, the height makes you look taller and adds more glamour to outfit

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to Keep Your Breast Firm to Avoid Sagging

Victoria Secret
Are you aging and feeling afraid you are losing that youthful appearance or attraction? As a woman, it is natural to feel you are losing your youthful charm due to changes in your body system (breast and face). As a results of this changes, your breast tend to lose its firmness and fullness you have always desired and keeping the breast firm and in good shape plays a vital role in looking beautiful and youthful.

It is obvious that your breast size also changes frequently from age 20’s , 30’s , 40 and above due to weight gain and breastfeeding during childbearing  but  you have to be nice to yourself and pay attention to your breast to help give you that comfort and class . It is important you know what bra type fits perfectly for your breast type as there are different types of breast shape. watch the below video for natural breast firming.

Effective Natural Remedy for Lifting your Breast

Common Changes in the Breast

  • Stretch MarksDuring and breastfeeding the skin at the breast area stretches  due to weight gain and after weaning your baby, you tend to lose weight which eventually leads to stretch marks.
  • Moderate or Downward Pointing Nipples: Between age 30 - 40 and above, the breast becomes a bit softer;  at this point the breast ligaments gradually weaken thereby causing the breasts to stretch and become elongated.
  • Severely Flattened Breast: At age 50 and above, menopause has already set in as a result of hormonal changes, the breast flattens out. 
Did you buy a bra that the cup seems too big for you? Then you may need to go down a cup size (from 34B to 36A) or to try making the hooks tighter by going up one band. Overtime your bra may start to loosen around the waist side, just make the bands a bit tighter making your bra feel much comfortable as the band is the main support of the bra.  Ensure that the cup comfortably fits your breast without spilling out from either side, to ascertain the cup is your perfect size: bend forward a bit and put the bra around your waist to slid in your breast perfectly fit into the cups before hooking   

Is there a way to Prevent Breast Sagging?

No, there is no sure way to prevent your breast from changing, breastfeeding or not breastfeeding, the breast is bound to experience some changes – change is inevitable.  Below tip could help you keep your breast in shape.
  • Buying the right size and shape of bra for your type of breast.
  • Push up bras are a good choice for a well-shaped breast.
  • Regular exercise (swimming, push-ups and jigging) with a well fitted sports bra keeps the breast firm.
  • Sleeping on your back at night helps keep the breast from sagging.
  • Regular massages and moisturizers helps enhances the firmness of the breast.

Conclusion: How to Maintain a Firm Breast

A tight fitting bra band gives support to the bra. Secondly, participating in regular exercise promotes graceful aging and lastly, be kind to yourself by paying more attention to your breast.  Did you enjoy this article? If yes, please share this article with your friends and leave us a comment.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Every child deserves a good beginning and as a parent, education is the best legacy you can give to your children. Your child’s background determines how productive he or she would be in life- the earlier you make the right decision for your kids the better. Your child’s education is important because it helps keep them in the right track and prepare them for a successful career in life

Considering your child’s age, personality, strengths, needs and your financial capability, the good thing is that there are lots of school choices available but it seems a bit tasking to make the right choice though. Most parents desire for for their children to be in a prestigious supportive, competitive and inspiring learning environment but all these are determined by your own personal preferences - what type of school are you looking for your child and what kind of personality would you want your child to attain?

7 Things To Look Out For When School Hunting for Your Child?

What are your preferences?

Naturally, an environment with a strong academic focus is of essence to you, every parent has their preferences for the type of school they look for their child but all this depends on the child’s needs. Some schools follow religious affiliation, some have strong sports ethic, while others promote individuality and artistic pursuits. If your child requires special needs, strength or interest, then you will need to enroll that child in a school where he or she will be given the best of attention to enhance their learning ability and develop their individual skills.

Useful consideration to help you make a choice

  • What is your financial capability?
  • How good is the school as it has to do with supporting children with special with special needs? Like kids who have some form of disability, developmental delay, autism disorder, deaf or dumb.
  • Schools recommended by friends, other parents or family members?
  • Is this school close to the house - walkable distance or not?
  • Is there availability of public transport available?Private or Regular Public schools?
  • Private or Regular Public School?
  • Regular Boarding School or Missionary Schools
  • Does the school have a bus to pick up and bring the kids back home?
  • Is there an after school option? Optional for a busy parents

·        Do your Findings

Take a stroll around the school premises to get a feel of the school, also take the time to check out the standards of the school facilities like the classrooms if they are conducive for learning and the bathrooms if they are in good condition. Secondly, talk to other parents whose kids are in the same school that way you are able to evaluate if this school is the most appropriate place for your child’s learning.

The Quality of the Resource Persons Count

The quality of the teacher is very important in facilitating an impressive and interactive learning for any child, also look out to see if the kids in the school are well cultured and respectful, be attentive to note if there is open and free communication between teachers and the pupils in the school.  
Quality Resources, Well Planned Curriculum With Extra Curricular Activities

A good school should have quality learning resources such as equipped library, laboratory, ICT center to help them do some vital research, a good quality curriculum that can help prepare the students to improve in knowledge, skills and good values. Extracurricular activities helps to build individual self-esteem and gives you that self-determination to help you do some critical thinking, express yourself freely and brings out that creativity in you stand out in life. Extracurricular activities has great advantages, do your best to ensure your child is registered in a school with active extracurricular activities.

Popularity and Fame of School?

Popularity or fame is also a good start when school hunting for child but the truth remains that a good school is not dependent on how popular the school is but on how much impact it has really made on the students. You never know, recommendations might be based on past glory It is not advisable to depend on how popular a school is

What is the location of the school?

Another tip for picking a school for child is the location of the school. Is the school located in a pollution free zone, free from pollution (noise, air and spillage) and safe from danger of being abducted?

How To Find A Good School For My Child

Making the right choices for your child starts with your choice of a good  school and this marks the beginning of your child’s future. With the few tips given above, I believe you now know how to choose a good school for your kids – from pre-nursery, nursery, primary and up to university level. Please leave us a message if you find this article useful.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

African Boubou and Kaftan Styles (Pictures)

Are you pregnant and looking for a style hide your bump? No need to worry, kaftan or boubou gown will do the magic. Boubou style is an African attire, it is usually a long garment worn by men and women.  While Kaftan or caftan as the word implies is an ancient style of dress which originates from the middle-eastern part of the world. Over the years, the Kaftan or African boubou style keeps evolving but in recent times kaftan has acquired different styles and purposes. 

You would agree with me that fashion styles do fade but Maxi gowns like the Nigerian boubou styles are eternal, loud and loveable. Some boubou gowns come designed with beads or intricate embroideries in front making you look like royalty. Nigerian boubou dresses also known as the maxi gown styles are beautiful stylish, comfortable free style dresses and best fit for any size. Read on for more images

Dress to the max with African boubou designs, go that extra length, whatever the occasion, steal the show, go with a floor sweeping maxi. Boubou gowns are fashionable and appropriate for any occasion. Choose a fabric you like with sweet colour,  and get a good designer to give you that remarkable stunning look of a model. 

Boubou, Caftan maxi gown comes in different fabrics, colors, sizes and patterns, the choice is yours. As for me I have always had that flare for beaded kaftans made with chiffon material, it gives ladies that charming and elegant look and it can be worn to Church wedding or any occasion.

Above is an image of Moroccan Princess  In a one piece beautiful but simple Kaftan as always. Follow this link more images of  Princess Lalla Salma  of Morocco  in different patterns, i bet you will fall in love with with boubou Kaftan clothing's.

Nigerian boubou designers are creative in modernizing outfits, I implore you ladies to exude a special kind of beauty and charm this season, explore this range of appealing  pieces this season, kaftan/ boubou are a symbol of royalty – be royalty

Conclusion: Boubou/Kaftan Dresses
In West Africa the kaftan is also known and referred to as African boubou dress. Caftan maxi gowns are best easy wear for all purpose. As a Nigerian boubou dresses gives your wardrobe a sense of elevation. Kaftan and boubou are perfect maternity dresses any woman should dream to own because it will help you conceal your pregnancy perfectly.

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Baby Care Tips: How to Wash and Sterilize Baby Bottles

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Babies are vulnerable likewise is their immune system, proper cleaning of all baby feeding essentials used is extremely important and must be free from any form of bacterial contamination that might cause them harm. It is obvious that the common cause of infection in babies has to do with food poisoning, so you see why it is very important that you properly sterilize everything used to feed your baby.

After feeding an infant you must rinse and wash off the bottle of any milk residue to avoid microorganisms breeding in the bottles, cups, plates and spoon; this means the your baby feeding essential has to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before it can be used again


Wash your hands with soap and clean warm water before handling the baby bottles.

Be sure to have the following cleaning tools set aside “specifically” for washing your baby bottles etc.

  •  Safe, clean, drinkable water
  • Two clean bowls with lid for washing
  • Dish washing liquid designed specifically for baby bottles. This is very gentle and non-toxic and will not leave a soapy residue on the bottles
  • A bottle brush to help you clean residues from the bottle and a nipple brush for proper cleaning of the rings and rubber nipple
  • Baby bottle dryer

Wash the bowls thoroughly and fill with hot water, hot enough for your hands to handle.

  • Add some (small) liquid soap into one of the bowls
  • Disassemble all removable parts of the bottles  and submerged them into the soapy water to enable you wash carefully  
  • Use the brushes to wash the bottles, nipple or teat and rings carefully to ensure no milk particles are left in- turn the teat inside out and scrub to ensure nothing is stuck in the tiny hole
  • Rinse the bottles very well in the other bowl to remove soap residue. If there are bubbles in the water, rinse again to remove all traces of soap.
  • Use the bottle dryer/rack to dry the bottles to drain in a well-ventilated location. Alternatively, lay all the bottle parts, except the nipples and nipple rings on a clean dish towel to dry

The moment you notice the bottles are dry; wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before touching the bottles or feeding your baby.


  • Sterilizing your baby's feeding equipment doesn’t require much, You can either sterilize your baby bottle in an electric steam sterilizer, cold-water sterilizing solution or sterilization by boiling. 
  • With both types (microwave and baby bottle sterilizer) of sterilizer, the bottles are immersed in steam at a temperature of 100 degrees C, which kills off any bacteria. With the electric sterilizer, you add water, stack the bottles, rings and nipples (spaced well apart), cover with a lid, plug in and turn on. This sterilization process takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • With the microwave sterilizer, the process is basically the same. Once the bottles are in the sterilizer, place it in the microwave and heat on full power for 4 to 10 minutes, depending on the wattage of your microwave.

  • You can either sterilize with non-toxic cold water sterilizer in tablet or liquid form


  • Ensure you wash new bottles, nipples, rings, plates and breast pump before using it for the first time or after keeping it idle for a long time – it is safer for your baby
  • Always rinse your baby bottle or plates “immediately after you is done feeding your baby.  
  • If a bottle is not in use couple the parts together, cover and put it away in a clean place far from being contaminated.
  • Do not sterilize breast pumps and pacifiers in a microwave
  • It is important that you continue sterilization of baby feeding equipment should continue until the baby turns one, at this time the baby’s body system is strong enough to fight infections.

How to Clean/Wash Baby Feeding Equipment

Now you have come to understand that is necessary rinse your baby bottles after each use and how to keep your baby bottles clean at all times. In our next article you will learn the three different methods (electric steam, Cold water and boiling) of sterilizing baby bottles.
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Types of Baby Crib

Ubabub Pod Crib
When it comes to baby cribs, there are a lot of varieties of baby cribs available in the market from the traditional mini furniture to a full size convertible crib. Below are some of the most popular designs.
Baby crib with wheels
Portable baby crib
Portable crib is foldable and smaller but similar to a regular crib; this type of crib is a good option for parents with smaller apartments. The wheels makes it a lot easier to move the crib from one point to another as long as it will fit through the door way, thereby helping the mom keep an eye on her little one when trying to finish up with her household chore.
 Safety Note: Ensure you use the locks on each wheel to lock it into place that way your baby crib will be steady and unable to roll away. Get one that is JPMA certified
Espressoo Cherry Baby Crib

Standard baby cribs: Standard cribs are built with four sides with slats but most baby nurseries come in different styles and sizes.

Convertible baby crib: This convertible cribs are Cost effective in that they are designed to be converted to a toddlers and your child can still sleep in it as a toddler, making it a long term bedding solution
This bed is a standard crib that can also serve as a twin sized bed. Is this your choice then you may need to pick up conversion kit at to enable you transform your baby crib into your preferred bed type whenever and however you want it. Ensure you buy a model that converts to a “full-sized bed frame” but note that you will still need to buy a full mattress.
Travel Crib: Travel cribs are light weight baby cribs made of mesh and aluminum meant to be use when traveling  with an infant, not as sturdy as a regular crib and cannot be used as such. This type of crib usually come packed in a bag and are very quick and easy set up for use.
Similar and Alternative to  play yard is very compact and can be a great alternative when you're traveling, since you never know whether a hotel will provide a safe crib. Choose one that is JPMA-certified, and read the owner's manual thoroughly.

Multipurpose crib: A multipurpose baby crib like you have seen in the above image is an all in one baby crib which comprises of other pieces of furniture designed to serve as:

a.            A crib
b.            A chest drawer for storage and a dresser
c.            And a baby changing table into its design.
The above mentioned are incorporated into this piece of furniture to save the cost of buying them separately.
Note: You can get very good fairly used baby cribs for sale on jiji and olx: Crib - Babies & Kids -, for new cribs visit konga and mother: , Baby Furniture - Buy Nursery Furniture Online | Jumia Nigeria ; Konga 

Conclusion: Now You Know What To Look Out For 

When Shopping for Baby Crib

Baby crib can used between 6 months and 3 years of age depending on the type of crib you have. If you are intending to transition your baby into a normal bed because you are expecting another baby then you may consider doing so one or two months before your due date.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Online Shops: Online Stores to Shop for Quality Baby Products

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Are you pregnant or already a mom looking for a baby shop online to buy your baby items? You need not to worry, there are lots of baby stores online where you can buy your baby clothes, accessories and toys. You will find this article interestingly useful if you are looking to shop your baby clothes and other other baby supplies here in Nigeria or abroad.

Are you in Africa, Nigeria to be precise? If you are expecting a newborn baby and would love to buy some quality cheap baby stuff from online baby stores in the US, UK, Canada etc. Relax, there are a lot of online baby shop; below are a few places where you can get baby things like baby gear, toys and clothes online.

Places Abroad To Shop For Toddlers and Baby Stuff Online

Baby item sites now make it a lot easier and time saving to do all your baby shopping online with a click without moving an inch – now is the time to start shopping for your baby essentials.

Carters  - Here at carters you can get all types of children clothes for boys and girls  ranging from one piece, bodysuits, bibs & burp cloths, tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets & outerwear, pajamas, shoes, socks, accessories, blankets, toys, costumes and more. For Clearance sales of Carter baby clothes and Accessories 

Babymallonline – This store is very affordable for parents who want to buy quality baby clothing , shop your baby wears here 

BabiesRus UK and BabiesRus US  - Here they have a wide range of mom and baby products in different brands - from maternity down to everything babies (clothes, travel and push chairs, car seats, toys, clothing and shoes,health and safety kits feeding, bath and skin care, Bedding and room decor much more). Use this link for clearance sale

GerberChildrenswear – is one of the best brands in baby clothing to keep an infant warm and comfortable at all times.  Get some Gerber Newborn Baby  Onesies Bodysuits Assorted and sleep and play at low prices before your baby is born. You can buy gerber clothing from baby websites like ebay, Walmart, amazon etc

BodenThe have exclusively unbeatable products, lovely children clothes and shoes. For clearance sales click clearance section

Next - Boy and girl clothing, accessories, nursery furniture/bedding and maternity wears.
Pumpkin Patch – Deals with all kinds of children clothing

Walmart  Canada Is a one stop online baby store, where you can do your baby shopping  in one place with low prices on baby stuff like strollers, cribs and baby clothes.

Baby City - Is a one stop online shop to offer parent an awesome shopping experience full of essential nursery equipment, baby feeding, baby gear, baby gifts, baby toys, bathing, Clothing, shoes and much more
Old NavyQuality and cheap baby clothes, beautiful dress for your  little from Old Navy online baby.

Amazon – On Amazon baby stores  you can get all kinds of  products for like  children clothes (infant and toddlers), accessories, toys, baby gear, nursery, books and games. To for cheaper clothes you can check on Amazon warehouse deals

Perpetual Kid: This store is a home of all types of baby toys and games, in this place you can find unique gifts items for kids.

Ebay – Check out lovely children stuff ranging from clothes, books, games, accessories and more

Aliexpress – This online store is one of the biggest in the world. At Aliexpress you can also do baby online shopping, buy everything your baby needs, clothes for toddlers, even clothes for yourself and more. For good sales, seize the opportunity and do your shopping on the 11:11 (11th of November) China Black version of black friday, 11: 11 is the world's biggest shopping day - bigger than the American black friday. 

Kiddicare - At kiddicare online store, you get all kinds of baby gear from  pushchairs, prams, car seats etc.

Cotton On – This website is the place for all kinds of children's beds, baby nursery (cribs and cots) and colourful bed sheet for kids.

Related Topics: Places and How to Shop Baby and Maternity Items in Nigeria

Conclusion: If you intend shopping in the United States, look out for clearance sales, shop on a black friday, which is American Thanksgiving Day on this day the sales is usually massive and it normally falls on every last Friday of November or you take advantage of the American Independence Day sales.   

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What to Look out For When Buying a Baby Crib


Are you an expectant parent planning to buy a baby nursery or bed for your unborn child but caught in between many options? Baby crib is for every-night use and one of the most expensive baby essentials in the market and they come different brands, designs, shapes and sizes. In this article we will guide you through on how to shop for an ideal crib your baby.

Baby cribs or cots are not the same as a play yard. Play yards are specifically meant for naps during the day or to engage a baby in the living room or by the kitchen entrance when you are busy but cribs serves as your baby bed. Reliable brands of crib are made from eco friendly materials and durable than the local all-purpose prototypes.  Moreso; It is best to do a physical inspection of the crib you are buying to be sure it meets your standard. 

Things to Consider When Shopping For a Crib

Safety First 

Some cribs are not safe for your baby ensure you check if there are some loose nuts and screws, also look out for the following when buying a new or used crib as these measures could protect your baby from some hidden dangers.


A good crib has to be sturdy and stable enough to withstand a toddler jumping up and down in it. Assess it by giving the crib a good shake in the store and at home after putting it assembling it, if it is not steady or rattles, it may have been assembled incorrectly. Always use the manual for steps on how to assemble the crib. 

Crib Safety Standard Slat Spacing

The slats of a baby crib should be close enough together that the baby’s little head, arms legs or hand don’t get trapped in it. The safety standard spacing between slats is 2 3/8 inches, the  wider the distance between slats, the greater the risk it poses on your baby. 

Crib Adjustable Mattress Height

Choose an adjustable mattress crib, It is important that you lower the height of the mattress as the kid grows to avoid accident. At this stage when a kids start crawling and standing, they become very adventurous, so to avert him/her from falling off the crib it is best to lower the crib. In the early stages of your baby’s life, raising the mattress height will allow you to easily place your baby down to sleep.


If you have to go shopping for a crib, it is essential that you do so on a budget else you will be shocked at the varieties and differences in price. This will help you make up your mind as to how much you are willing to spend to avoid spending more than you planned to avoid regrets after wards.  If possible go on window shopping get price range of the different types of baby crib in the market.


How big is your apartment and how much space have you made available for your baby nursery? The available space you set aside for your baby crib determines the size and type of crib you can purchase for your baby.

Type of Baby Crib

Convertible or none convertible? Convertible Cribs: A convertible crib is a type of baby bed that is modeled to be converted a full-size cot bed when your baby becomes a toddler. None Convertible Cribs: Are standard normal cribs that cannot be converted to toddlers bed


Is the baby crib a standard size? Cribs come in all different shapes, designs and sizes. A standard crib frame measures 52 by 27.8 inches. To avoid spending more, it is Important you buy mattress that fits snuggly into the base of the crib same time you are buying the crib.  To confirm the mattress fits properly, stick two of your fingers between the mattress but if the fingers slide through,  it means the mattress is too small and it possess a great risk on your baby.  

New, Second Hand or Locally Made 

Which one can you afford? Whichever one you choose to go for is good but there are pros and cons.

Are you going for fairly used or locally manufactured cribs then you need to Look out for the following

  1. High brand cribs are painted with non-toxic paints, but for locally manufacturers I am not certain if the paints are safe for infants. Check the crib before buying for signs of worn or peeling paint.  
  2. Give it some hard shake to confirm if it is stable or with some loose ends
  3. Check for durability of the crib; be careful not to buy poor quality baby crib. Touch to feel the locally made cribs if it is smooth or with rough ends and edges that can perforate or stick into an infant’s delicate skin. 
  4. Some old cribs kept away in the store for a long time may have molds and potentially harmful fungus that you cannot see but could trigger respiratory infection in babies.
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