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Mrs Nigeria Universe 2017

It is an awesome moment to see pageant of this kind taking place in Nigeria, once more Nigeria sets to make history on world stage with the Mrs Nigeria Universe contest. Mrs Nigeria Universe is a beauty contest organized for married women only. Our country Nigeria is endowed with beautiful women like Agbani Darego, the winner of the Miss World 2001 pageant, this pageant was organised to appreciate all you mothers out there. Mrs Ogaga amazed the judges not only with her beauty but with her confidence, poise, and talent during the contest as she made it to the top emerging the winner of this year Mrs Nigeria Universe.

VIDEO: #Faith Ogaga the Mrs Nigeria Universe Visits South African High Commissioner to Nigeria

Mrs Nigeria pageant took place in Lagos at Legend Arena, Lekki and the contest for was organized by Mrs Nigeria Universe Limited, we are set to bring home the world crown as she participates as one of the finalist in the Mrs Universe pageant holding August 25th - September 3rd in …
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Maternity Style Tips for Stylish Moms in Nigeria

Are you pregnant and don’t know which maternity styles will be good for office and other occasion? Some women are scared that they lack maternity styles ideas, as towhat to wear to the office or dinner. For more stylish maternity and Celebrity styles, 

Most pregnant women are faced with the fact that they are pregnant and nothing will fit on their bumps. In this article you will learn some maternity style tips when pregnant and discover some amazing image of celebrity maternity dress styles. Dress your best when pregnant, being pregnant doesn't mean you are imprisoned for nine months, this is the time to give yourself the best look you can. Play the video below to see Pictures of Trendy Maternity Styles for Moms.

Helping Expectant Mothers Feel Comfortable and Trendy in Their Maternity Outfits. Wear mini-dresses to accentuate your growing belly, giving you that sexy and sparkling look no matter how pregnant you are.Get a few jeans that are a bit larger than your usual size that will n…

How to Keep Your Breast Firm to Avoid Sagging

Are you aging and feeling afraid you are losing that youthful appearance or attraction? As a woman, it is natural to feel you are losing your youthful charm due to changes in your body system (breast and face). As a results of this changes, your breast tend to lose its firmness and fullness you have always desired and keeping the breast firm and in good shape plays a vital role in looking beautiful and youthful.
It is obvious that your breast size also changes frequently from age 20’s , 30’s , 40 and above due to weight gain and breastfeeding during childbearing  but  you have to be nice to yourself and pay attention to your breast to help give you that comfort and class . It is important you know what bra type fits perfectly for your breast type as there are different types of breast shape. watch the below video for natural breast firming.
Effective Natural Remedy for Lifting your Breast

Common Changes in the BreastStretch Marks: During and breastfeeding the skin at the breast area stre…

Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Every child deserves a good beginning and as a parent, education is the best legacy you can give to your children. Your child’s background determines how productive he or she would be in life- the earlier you make the right decision for your kids the better. Your child’s education is important because it helps keep them in the right track and prepare them for a successful career in life
Considering your child’s age, personality, strengths, needs and your financial capability, the good thing is that there are lots of school choices available but it seems a bit tasking to make the right choice though. Most parents desire for for their children to be in a prestigious supportive, competitive and inspiring learning environment but all these are determined by your own personal preferences - what type of school are you looking for your child and what kind of personality would you want your child to attain?
7 Things To Look Out For When School Hunting for Your Child? What are your preferences?

African Boubou and Kaftan Styles (Pictures)

Are you pregnant and looking for a style hide your bump? No need to worry, kaftan or boubou gown will do the magic. Boubou style is an African attire, it is usually a long garment worn by men and women.  While Kaftan or caftan as the word implies is an ancient style of dress which originates from the middle-eastern part of the world. Over the years, the Kaftan or African boubou style keeps evolving but in recent times kaftan has acquired different styles and purposes. 

You would agree with me that fashion styles do fade but Maxi gowns like the Nigerian boubou styles are eternal, loud and loveable. Some boubou gowns come designed with beads or intricate embroideries in front making you look like royalty. Nigerian boubou dresses also known as the maxi gown styles are beautiful stylish, comfortable free style dresses and best fit for any size. Read on for more images

Dress to the max with African boubou designs, go that extra length, whatever the occasion, steal the show, go with a floor s…

Baby Care Tips: How to Wash and Sterilize Baby Bottles

Babies are vulnerable likewise is their immune system, proper cleaning of all baby feeding essentials used is extremely important and must be free from any form of bacterial contamination that might cause them harm. It is obvious that the common cause of infection in babies has to do with food poisoning, so you see why it is very important that you properly sterilize everything used to feed your baby.
After feeding an infant you must rinse and wash off the bottle of any milk residue to avoid microorganisms breeding in the bottles, cups, plates and spoon; this means the your baby feeding essential has to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before it can be used again
HOW TO WASH AND STERILIZE BABY BOTTLESSTEP 1 Wash your hands with soap and clean warm water before handling the baby bottles.
STEP 2 Be sure to have the following cleaning tools set aside “specifically” for washing your baby bottles etc.
 Safe, clean, drinkable waterTwo clean bowls with lid for washingDish washing liquid desi…

Types of Baby Crib

When it comes to baby cribs, there are a lot of varieties of baby cribs available in the market from the traditional mini furniture to a full size convertible crib. Below are some of the most popular designs. Portable baby crib Portable crib is foldable and smaller but similar to a regular crib; this type of crib is a good option for parents with smaller apartments. The wheels makes it a lot easier to move the crib from one point to another as long as it will fit through the door way, thereby helping the mom keep an eye on her little one when trying to finish up with her household chore. Safety Note: Ensure you use the locks on each wheel to lock it into place that way your baby crib will be steady and unable to roll away. Get one that is JPMA certified

Standard baby cribs: Standard cribs are built with four sides with slats but most baby nurseries come in different styles and sizes.
Convertible baby crib: This convertible cribs are Cost effective in that they are designed to be converted …