Wednesday, 14 December 2016

African Boubou and Kaftan Styles (Pictures)

Are you pregnant and looking for a style hide your bump? No need to worry, kaftan or boubou gown will do the magic. Boubou style is an African attire, it is usually a long garment worn by men and women.  While Kaftan or caftan as the word implies is an ancient style of dress which originates from the middle-eastern part of the world. Over the years, the Kaftan or African boubou style keeps evolving but in recent times kaftan has acquired different styles and purposes. 

You would agree with me that fashion styles do fade but Maxi gowns like the Nigerian boubou styles are eternal, loud and loveable. Some boubou gowns come designed with beads or intricate embroideries in front making you look like royalty. Nigerian boubou dresses also known as the maxi gown styles are beautiful stylish, comfortable free style dresses and best fit for any size. Read on for more images

Dress to the max with African boubou designs, go that extra length, whatever the occasion, steal the show, go with a floor sweeping maxi. Boubou gowns are fashionable and appropriate for any occasion. Choose a fabric you like with sweet colour,  and get a good designer to give you that remarkable stunning look of a model. 

Boubou, Caftan maxi gown comes in different fabrics, colors, sizes and patterns, the choice is yours. As for me I have always had that flare for beaded kaftans made with chiffon material, it gives ladies that charming and elegant look and it can be worn to Church wedding or any occasion.

Above is an image of Moroccan Princess  In a one piece beautiful but simple Kaftan as always. Follow this link more images of  Princess Lalla Salma  of Morocco  in different patterns, i bet you will fall in love with with boubou Kaftan clothing's.

Nigerian boubou designers are creative in modernizing outfits, I implore you ladies to exude a special kind of beauty and charm this season, explore this range of appealing  pieces this season, kaftan/ boubou are a symbol of royalty – be royalty

Conclusion: Boubou/Kaftan Dresses
In West Africa the kaftan is also known and referred to as African boubou dress. Caftan maxi gowns are best easy wear for all purpose. As a Nigerian boubou dresses gives your wardrobe a sense of elevation. Kaftan and boubou are perfect maternity dresses any woman should dream to own because it will help you conceal your pregnancy perfectly.

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