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How to Keep Your Breast Firm to Avoid Sagging

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Are you aging and feeling afraid you are losing that youthful appearance or attraction? As a woman, it is natural to feel you are losing your youthful charm due to changes in your body system (breast and face). As a results of this changes, your breast tend to lose its firmness and fullness you have always desired and keeping the breast firm and in good shape plays a vital role in looking beautiful and youthful.

It is obvious that your breast size also changes frequently from age 20’s , 30’s , 40 and above due to weight gain and breastfeeding during childbearing  but  you have to be nice to yourself and pay attention to your breast to help give you that comfort and class . It is important you know what bra type fits perfectly for your breast type as there are different types of breast shape. watch the below video for natural breast firming.

Effective Natural Remedy for Lifting your Breast

Common Changes in the Breast

  • Stretch MarksDuring and breastfeeding. the skin at the breast area stretches  due to weight gain and after weaning your baby you tend to lose weight which eventually leads to stretch marks.
  • Moderate or Downward Pointing Nipples: At between age 30 - 40 the breast becomes a bit softer, at this point the breast ligaments becomes weak causing the breast to stretch and become elongated.
  • Severely Flattened Breast: At age 50 and above, menopause has already set in as a result of hormonal changes, the breast flattens out. 
Did you buy a bra that the cup seems too big for you? Then you may need to go down a cup size (from 34B to 36A) or to try making the hooks tighter by going up one band. Overtime, your bra may start to loosen around the waist side, just make the bands a bit tighter making your bra feel much comfortable - the band is the main support of the bra.  Ensure that the cup comfortably fits your breast without spilling out from either side, to ascertain the cup is your perfect size, bend forward a bit and put the bra around your waist to slid in your breast perfectly fit into the cups before hooking   

Is there a way to Prevent Breast Sagging?

No, there is no sure way to prevent your breast from changing, breastfeeding or not breastfeeding, the breast is bound to experience some changes – change is inevitable.  Below tip could help you keep your breast in shape.
  • Buying the right size and shape of bra for your type of breast.
  • Push up bras are a good choice for a well-shaped breast.
  • Regular exercise (swimming, push-ups and jigging) with a well fitted sports bra keeps the breast firm.
  • Sleeping on your back at night helps keep the breast from sagging.
  • Regular massages and moisturizers helps enhances the firmness of the breast.

Conclusion: How to Maintain a Firm Breast

A tight fitting bra band gives support to the bra. Secondly, participating in regular exercise promotes graceful aging and lastly, be kind to yourself by paying more attention to your breast.  Did you enjoy this article? If yes, please share this article with your friends and leave us a comment.

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