Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Maternity Style Tips for Stylish Moms in Nigeria

Are you pregnant and don’t know which maternity styles will be good for office and other occasion? Some women are scared that they lack maternity styles ideas, as to what to wear to the office or dinner. For more stylish maternity and Celebrity styles, 

Most pregnant women arey are faced with the fact that they are pregnant and nothing will fit on their bumps. In this article you will learn some maternity style tips when pregnant and discover some amazing image of celebrity maternity dress styles. Dress your best when pregnant, being pregnant doesn't mean you are imprisoned for nine months, this is the time to give yourself the best look you can. Click the video below. Trendy Maternity Styles for Nigerian moms.

Helping Expectant Mothers Feel Comfortable and Trendy in Their Maternity Outfits.

  •  Wear mini-dresses to accentuate your growing belly, giving you that sexy and sparkling look no matter how pregnant you are.
  • Get a few jeans that are a bit larger than your usual size that will not be tight but hug and fit your body give you that fitting that you so desire, making you look sexy even with pregnancy but feel more comfortable in a pregnancy jeans, you can purchase few too.
Shoe with a little inches                                  Flat foot wear - perfect

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t fit into any (maternity) dress size or shoe, there are varieties of well sawn trendy maternity pieces all styled for you and shoes with a little bit of heel to give you that outstanding look.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Kneel-length pencil skirts or gown with a foot wear that is some inches above the ground helps  beautify your bump because it brings out your girly curves. Tell me, don't you think the lady in the above image is looking awesome and attractive even with her pregnancy

Veronica Ebie-Odeka  in a lovely Maternity Styled gown   
Here in Nigeria, we have our native Ankara maternity clothing that are fitted, sexy and fashionable for any stylish Nigerian pregnant women.  
  • Wear flat shoes, sandals or slipper: These type of footwear is best worn when you  are going out and may be taking a long walk or standing for a while. Flat shoes are good for corporate or office wear.
  • Platform shoes with inches a bit higher above the ground are good to go as long as you feel the balance and are comfortable to walk around with. It makes you look more lady like, the height makes you look taller and adds more glamour to outfit

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